2 days

Living supplies have been acquired, stuff has been partially packed, (A LOT of) money has spent, and there is only one more shift at work to complete.

My god, we are almost there.


11 more days.

In only 11 short days I’ll be blowing this Popsicle stand in favor of greener pastures. August the 29th will be the culmination of months of hard work and near mental breakdowns set in motion by another college who decided to screw over the caveman you love so much. I’m finally doing what I should have done years ago: I’m moving away to pursue my dream of working behind the camera.

The New England School of Communications (or NESCom for short) has all the resources and connections to get me wherever I want in a career I just have to add water and stir. I’d be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t nervous.

I feel silly being nervous, but I’m nervous none the less. Nervous, and excited.

Probably Unnecessary

Haven’t written anything here in along time.

No apologizes.

Why would I apologize? Even though I appreciate every man, woman, and child (God, I hope no children.) who take time out of their day to read my inane ramblings, I write for me and me alone. Blogging is a great challenge, and some really cheap therapy but didn’t start writing to be popular.

To paraphrase a cranky, tired curmudgeon: “If I did this for anything but me…I’d wear pants”.

I’m almost finished with all my school stuff, and I’ll be back around soon. Make sure to save me a piece of that beautiful summer.

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there in Internetland, especially CaveMom.

CaveMom is one classy lady, and without her I couldn’t be me. Literally.

(I would include a picture of my mom, but in my entire 20 years of life she has never let me take one.)

In Which Our Hero Falls In Love…Again

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a very passionate person. I’m passionate about movies and television. I’m passionate about good times and great food. I’m passionate about a lot of things, but nothing more than wanting not to be alone for the rest of my life. Wanting not to be alone for the rest of my life makes what happened recently a roughly tri-annual occurrence.

I was behind the register at work and a woman, who I’ve never seen before, walks through the front door and looks around. Oddly enough the first thing that crosses my mind is “I wonder if she realizes that I’m in love with her”. Everything I witnessed, while I was watching her like some sort of creep, suggested that she was the perfect gal for me. She was smart, (nerdy) stylish, and pretty (oh boy was she pretty).

When she approached the counter to pay for her items (which included plain white bread, and sour gummy worms) I got a little shaky and made some stupid jokes, but she was so sweet and gave me an honest giggled.

Ladies and Gentlemen, she actually GIGGLED at a joke I made! I was smitten.

But for some strange reason when the chance came to seize this moment…I let it go. I let it go and she slipped away into the night like so many other things in my life.

My offical stance on the “Swine Flu” issue

I don’t worry about any of that crazy flu stuff…I already caught Pac-Man Fever.

My Favorite Nerd Holiday

It’s almost here!

“Free Comic Book Day” is a magical event that happens every year on the first Saturday in May, and combines two of my favorites thing of all time: free stuff and comic books. It all started as shallow marketing ploy to attract people to different titles and publishers, but has evolved to a fantastic nerd holiday that gives me free comic books.

logo_option_1Each comic book shop does something different for the day but I always fondly remember a flurry of sights, sounds, and general nerdyness.

I can’t wait!

(for more info check out: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/)