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Quick “Diary of the Dead” Review

I received George A. Romero’s newest addition to his ever popular “of the Dead” series, “Diary of the Dead”, late last Saturday night. and I spent the better part of that Sunday watching the hell out of it.
Although I can’t say “Diary” is the best zombie movie I ever seen, the fantastic use of the newly popular handy cam style, and the all out ballsyness of the production crew definitely qualifies this for the top 5.


  • A fantastic use and expansion of the “handy cam” filming style.
  • Solid commentary on culture today.
  • Not too gory. (Just gory enough.)
  • A triumphant return to the classic low budget zombie flick.
  • Well put together.


  • Poor acting. (Really? What do you expect?)
  • Basic CGI and plot hole cheating.

In conclusion:
Some could believe I trusted Mr. Romero a bit to much, seeing I purchased “Diary” without even attending the theatrical run (which was incredibly limited), but that trust was well founded. “Diary of the Dead” is a really interesting look at how the Internet and new media changed the way we get our information and live our day to day lives.
This movie is undoubtedly a solid rental, but if your thing is walking deadw or new and inventive styles of film making I can’t recommend this movie enough for purchase.

Standard Score:7.5/10

Horror Movie Score: 4 severed fingers out of 5


Nuff Said..

If you need me anytime in the near future you are out of luck…

I got this in the mail when I got home last night:

Diary of the Dead..

Running time of an hour and thirty six minutes.
Plus rewatching it with director’s commentary.
Plus the documentary feature.
Plus 2 or 3 small DVD features, and outtakes.
And 5 contest winning short zombies films.

I can estimate about 5+ hours until I reemerge.

See you then…

Post of the Living Dead

Whenever I say that I enjoy a good zombie movie I always get sicken looks and sad faces because most people assume I only enjoy the gore, which is not the case. The thing I enjoy most about zombie movies is the heightened survivor aspect. Whenever you put a character up against unconquerable odds it always makes a great movie, but when you put said character up against thousands of blood thirsty unconquerable odds you can really see what they are made of.

All sort of things go down when the dead walk the earth, and I believe none of us know what we would do or what would become of us. It really takes a really good writer to set up the general range of emotions that a character (or characters) would understandably go through and a basic plausible situation that involves the living dead.*

Good survival/zombie movies:

  • The Last Man on Earth ( 1964 )**
  • Night of the Living Dead ( 1968 )
  • Dawn of the Dead ( 1978 )
  • Zombi 2 ( 1979 )
  • Fido ( 2006 )
  • Planet Terror ( 2007 )


*Harder than you think

**technically vampires, but I don’t care


Happy Easter to you and yours from all of us at Caveman World Headquarters.

I’ll be here enjoying this beautiful day with my Hot Pockets and a few zombie movies (get it?).


Have a good day.

(This will be the one and only time I’ll post a lolanything. Don’t get used to it…)