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I have returned from my illness inspired hiatus (hallucination) and I couldn’t feel better (lies!).  I got home strait from class this afternoon and begin my feverish work on first post since my 2 week break (it’s 8:54 PM right now).

Just about the only good news I received all week is that I didn’t have the black plague with touches of temporary insanity and hysterical blindness. Although there were moments in my day where the fog would lift and I would be lucid enough to check blogs and converse normal people.

It was so bad that at some point last week I was convinced that I had completely lost my inner monologue.  For the last 3 or 4 days I denied myself any extraneous conversation due not to the fact that inner Caveman is overtly obscene or dirty (outer Caveman is), but that inner Caveman is incredibly stupid. The only reason that I come off as some-what intelligent is that I edit myself way to much.

I think I feel o.k. now, but only time will tell…

– – –

My Brother moved to Arizona last Saturday.

I haven’t mentioned my siblings that much here at “Vintage Caveman” mainly because I haven’t seen much of them for awhile. Both my brother and sister are irritable, angry, hateful people and I love them. They have found their own way in and I fully respect them for it.

I wish nothing but luck for my brother J and his cooler-than-him girlfriend R.

Now I have an excuse to go to Arizona! (I know Arizona sucks, but it is better than here.)


I went to the Mall today.

Sometimes when writing a blog you feel the need to post, even when the spirit of creativity has totally left you. Well folks, today is that day.

It was a relatively clear day outside, and my cold was merely a shadow of it’s former self so I decided to go to the mall. I bought a book, a moleskin notebook

, some batteries, a lemonade, and had my hands washed by some strange middle eastern man trying to hock a “miracle” skin cleanser.Nothing special.

 Sometimes you can’t be fascinating. It happens. I’ve accepted it


the VC

P.S I got one of those “myspaces” now. ( Very interesting….

Kinda, almost not sick anymore

A couple of days ago I posted something that basically blamed my mom’s pet bird of giving me the bird flu. Although I’m getting better by the day, my light hearted post about my bad cold has been linked to by Bird Flu Breaking News.

Hmm… Why do people always take me serious when I’m being sarcastic.

Still Sick

After 5 days I am unfortunately still sick. The only “good” news is that I narrowed down what I have to either Bird Flu, or Mad Cow Syndrome. The best bet is Bird Flu due to the fact I haven’t eaten cow brains in months, and my mom’s Nanday Conure bites, licks, and craps on me (in that order) almost daily.

I hope this is not like the time I thought I had SARS.


Coco Krisp, my mom’s Conure and possibly Satan