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Saturday (May 17) I finally got a chance to see one of my musical idols in concert, Bob Dylan. I didn’t want to forget a single second of this once lifetime experience so I took a ton of notes right up to the concert start. No notes taken during the concert though…I mean what kind of nerd do you take me for? (I you just to read my thoughts on the show, then just skip to the bottom)

Dylan Pre-Show
4:00pm -I throw on the appropriate concert attire and I head out to grab a sandwich to eat while I wait so I wouldn’t be so inclined to stuff my maw with horrible concert venue food.
4:15pm -I discover that the sandwich shop is closed on Saturdays (what is up with that?) , so I intend to make due with some mini muffins I bought at a gas station down the street,
4:55pm ish -I finally make it to the front of the venue and discover that 2 and a half hours early is not early enough for Bob Dylan. There are close to 200+ people in front of me…

At first glance I can pick out the standard concert going crowd: the music geeks, hipsters (so far I count 6 ironic t-shirts, 3 large pairs of sun glasses, 4 fedoras, and a handful of flannel), and a smattering of people who are there to enjoy themselves. This being the concert of a musician who gained popularity in the 60’s and 70’s you also get a mixing of old hippies, your standard reformed 60’s roustabouts, and the elusive yet invasive “yupster” with their children (OH from a yupster “My little Billy has taken an interest in folk music since he was 6 months old”).

Biding my time listening to an old hippy tell a gunner who is on leave from Iraq about why he’s not a bad person “just doing bad things”. Awkward to say the least…

-The official line is solidified when everyone rushed forward for some odd reason, and I realize that there are couple thousand people behind me. Feeling good about my line position I begin the countdown to door opening.
6:00pm to 6:30 -Spent my time talking to a housewife from New Hampshire, a brand new minister from Massachusetts, and a professor from two towns away.
6:34pm -The doors open and it is a mad rush through the gates. I give up my line position to purchase a souvenir program (because I’m a nerd). I find a perfect seat and I settle down for a good long night.

I don’t do the area in front of the stage. It’s full of hipsters and youngings who really can’t be enjoying the music because they’re standing for 2 hours, sweaty, and crammed up against other sweaty people. Of course it is great to be up close, but you won’t find me there unless I’ve gone crazy. But I digress.

Around 7:30pm – Music blares over the speakers, the lights go down, and the crowd goes crazy.

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Quick Free Write

03/04/2008 College Writing Free Write

Winter in Maine is one “hellava” experience. Up here fall doesn’t retreat gracefully like in most states it runs away screaming holding its bloodied nose. The only people happy to see another winter time in Maine are people who make a lot of money off of it which, in a way, is like making a deal with the devil.

All my childhood memories that involve wintertime are happy and joy filled. Why is that when I’m an adult I grow embittered about everything? I truly long for the time of recess, snow pants, and that large snow bank that the plow men have nowhere else to put.”


Wrapping up Christmas

Even though tomorrow is the last day before Christmas I’m wrapping up today because from work I’m going strait to a party, and from the party I’m going strait to bed.

So here it is:

  1. Happy Festivus everybody! I hope you’ve aired your grievances and completed your feats of strength. Coincidentally if you have no idea what I’m talking about I don’t think we can be friends anymore..
  2. Because some people are spending Christmas away family and friends they may be missing some great traditions like a big turkey dinner or a drunken rant from an uncle on something he knows very little about. If it’s the latter you miss the most a good old trip to the Vintage Caveman archives will fill the void sufficiently.
  3. And finally as promised, the rest of the Christmas “Booster Shot” (as seen here, and here):

Daniel Johnson – Christmas Music

Will Yates – You Didn’t Get Me Anything for Christmas

The Temptations – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Nat King Cole – O Come All Ye Faithful

Johnny Cash – Little Drummer Boy

The Ramones – Punk Rock Christmas

The Pop Project – Holiday


Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Matthew “Caveman” Becker
Lewiston, Maine


Caveman’s Christmas Shopping Guide

As some of you may know I’ve been working at Radio Shack for a little more than month and a half. I like my job alright, but it’s been pretty hellish.

Because it’s Christmas time I’ve been working all kinds of crazy hours which have been wearing me down a bit, but thats not even the worse part. The closer we get to the big 25th, the more rude, crude, and selfish customers get.

I know the holidays are hectic and stressful for everyone but interrupting me when I’m with another customer, yelling at me because we’re sold out of something, or just being overall bitchy and uncooperative pisses me off to no end.

To make any future holiday shopping easier I made a small list of tips and suggestions.

  1. If you know exactly what you want to purchase do a little research ahead of time. Check the store’s web site and call ahead. You’ll have a exact idea of what’s in stock, and you won’t have to come all the way down for nothing.
  2. Be patient! No matter how tired and upset you are, there have been 10 more people just like you in earlier.
  3. Buying  the extra warranty  is usually a rip-off, except if it’s on an I pod or Laptop. Both of them come into my store regularly in need of repair.
  4. If a sales person offers an extra accessory or warranty that you don’t want/need please don’t get upset. The sales person makes a lot less than you, and most commissions nowadays are based of those “bonus items”.
  5. No Checks please. I can’t stress this enough.
  6. Finally, If you see someone in front of a store handing out fliers please take one. They won’t let that person back inside until they’ve gotten rid of all of them (personal experience).

Title to be added later

I always try to enjoy the winter time mainly because there isn’t much to hate about it (except the cold). For some strange reason it’s the time I always find myself falling into a funk. I had to wake up early, and I just knew at that moment the rest of my day is just going to suck.

The kicker of all of it is that I’m being very critical of my writing. I log on this morning, check all my favorite blogs and all I can do is mentally compare myself. I know I shouldn’t compare my writing to others, but a writer’s biggest critic is himself and I’m a very crappy mood.

I know I’m being really disjointed, but what can you do?

Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood later today, or tomorrow so I could post what I originally intended. Have a great day…

Oh, I totally get it now when Will talks about “little people”. I had one walk into the store the other day and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. I don’t mean to be rude or offensive, but the guy couldn’t look over the counter. It was pretty creepy. 

Jerry Seinfeld is screwing with my life.

Ever since I was 8-ish I believed I dreamed up an entire episode of Seinfeld. The dream episode was complete with a sub-plot of Kramer going to the bank because if any workers at the bank didn’t greet a prospective customer with a “Hello” the customer got $100.

I just saw that episode on the t.v., and it’s truly screwing with my prospective on life. If I dreamed of an episode that already existed, what else did I “dream”.

Pass the awkwardness please

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I am not too excited. I love my family, and I like seeing them every once and awhile but Thanksgiving is a very awkward holiday.

I don’t mind having to get my hair cut (for the grandparents), and getting all dressed up but I feel doing all that for a holiday that’s soul purpose is eating is tiresome and pointless. We all eventually end up asking the same old questions, and playing pool anyways (I suck at pool).

I understand that Thanksgiving is also about giving thanks and being with family but my family does that alot on Christmas, Easter, and at least two times in the summer

Now, enough of me being a jerk:

I’m thankful for 1. my life, love, and happiness, 2. all the awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through out this past year, and 3. YOU! if you’re reading this I’m thankful for you.