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The Somethingth of a Salesman

They finally let me sell stuff at work last Friday, and it’s pretty damn fun. I enjoy mingling with all walks of life.

I feel I’m decent salesman, and I haven’t been totally selling customers stuff they didn’t need already. Although I do kinda feel bad that I sold a brand new adapter to a pretty young lady when a fifty cents worth of electrical tape could fixed her old one (I’m told that feelings go away soon).

The discount isn’t half bad either.

Come on down, I’ll sell you a phone


I Love Free Stuff

I truly love free stuff. Just about every large item I own (desk, chairs, speakers, and bookshelf) was free.

Even stuff that I don’t need I can find a use for. My grandmother gave me a large bread box, and I use it now to store magazines.


Today, while driving home I passed by the local public theatre, and I notice large piles of stuff in their parking lot. I saw it and thought it was a  garage sale, but then that’s when I saw the sign:


I turned the car around so fast I almost caused a pile up on the side street. I pulled up to the parking lot and starting calling dibs on anything I could put my hands on. After awhile I had amassed a small antique shop worth of junk, but unfortunately because my car is already full of crap I could only take one item. It took me for what seemed like an eternity to decide, but I picked an old, medium sized, dark green, card catalog; and I love it.

Why do I need a card catalog? Its FREE!

I don’t have any pictures because I’m still to cheap to buy a new digital camera.