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Saturday (May 17) I finally got a chance to see one of my musical idols in concert, Bob Dylan. I didn’t want to forget a single second of this once lifetime experience so I took a ton of notes right up to the concert start. No notes taken during the concert though…I mean what kind of nerd do you take me for? (I you just to read my thoughts on the show, then just skip to the bottom)

Dylan Pre-Show
4:00pm -I throw on the appropriate concert attire and I head out to grab a sandwich to eat while I wait so I wouldn’t be so inclined to stuff my maw with horrible concert venue food.
4:15pm -I discover that the sandwich shop is closed on Saturdays (what is up with that?) , so I intend to make due with some mini muffins I bought at a gas station down the street,
4:55pm ish -I finally make it to the front of the venue and discover that 2 and a half hours early is not early enough for Bob Dylan. There are close to 200+ people in front of me…

At first glance I can pick out the standard concert going crowd: the music geeks, hipsters (so far I count 6 ironic t-shirts, 3 large pairs of sun glasses, 4 fedoras, and a handful of flannel), and a smattering of people who are there to enjoy themselves. This being the concert of a musician who gained popularity in the 60’s and 70’s you also get a mixing of old hippies, your standard reformed 60’s roustabouts, and the elusive yet invasive “yupster” with their children (OH from a yupster “My little Billy has taken an interest in folk music since he was 6 months old”).

Biding my time listening to an old hippy tell a gunner who is on leave from Iraq about why he’s not a bad person “just doing bad things”. Awkward to say the least…

-The official line is solidified when everyone rushed forward for some odd reason, and I realize that there are couple thousand people behind me. Feeling good about my line position I begin the countdown to door opening.
6:00pm to 6:30 -Spent my time talking to a housewife from New Hampshire, a brand new minister from Massachusetts, and a professor from two towns away.
6:34pm -The doors open and it is a mad rush through the gates. I give up my line position to purchase a souvenir program (because I’m a nerd). I find a perfect seat and I settle down for a good long night.

I don’t do the area in front of the stage. It’s full of hipsters and youngings who really can’t be enjoying the music because they’re standing for 2 hours, sweaty, and crammed up against other sweaty people. Of course it is great to be up close, but you won’t find me there unless I’ve gone crazy. But I digress.

Around 7:30pm – Music blares over the speakers, the lights go down, and the crowd goes crazy.

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Discovering a classic

Late Sunday night I was flipping through my basic cable channels and I stumbled across a movie I’ve been meaning to see for awhile. As a huge movie fan I pride myself in the extent of my “have seen list” but there are a few key movies that I’m ashamed I haven’t gotten around to yet. Some of the big ones on my “have not seen list” include Weekend at Bernie’s 1 (I’ve seen 2), The Wizard of Oz (Yes I’m serious), and up until Sunday: Metropolis.

Metropolis (1927) is about an increasing divide between two distinct social groups in the year 2026: the thinkers and the workers. The thinkers who live in the upper areas of the world survive with the most extreme forms of luxury, and barely know of anything outside their lives. While the workers toil in the lower areas, closer to the earth and living the most meager of existences. One day the idealistic son of leader of the city treks to the worker’s hub and personally witnesses the straining of the established infrastructure, and the preparations for revolution.

I’m not going to give away the ending, only that it involves an angelic prophet, robot deception, and an almost apocalyptic ending to the city.

For a silent, black and white film Metropolis is a completely enjoyable experience compared to most of the time period. The visuals are stunning and really push the limits of technology of the time. The story is choke full of symbolism and forethought, so much so it almost hints that each scene was carefully planed out to reflect a socialistic then anti-socialistic message.

The budget for this movie was so large that it nearly bankrupted the studio that produced it, and by now-a-days standards would cost close to two hundred million. Some of the most visually outstanding scenes in the movie made good use of an army of 37,000+ extras. The near apocalyptic end to the city of Metropolis is beautifully framed by large explosions, and torrential rising waters which is incredibly uncharacteristic for film of the time.

This film has meant so much to so many that it is said that everyone involved in the production had their careers skyrocket in the days of the film’s release. It is also believed to have inspired the modern science fiction flick. Without Metropolis there would be no Robot Monster, Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Firefly.

The film has survived 81 years, two restorations, and a hand full of re releases and I’m just seeing it now? I’m always late to the party…

I just saw “In Bruges” today, and it was fantastic. If you ever get a chance to see it, you should. The medieval city of Bruges, Irish hit men, and a little person = A damn good movie.

Thursday, Finally…

Summarizing last couple of days…


-I got my federal tax return that Monday and I was looking for something to spend it on. After the billionth time trying to fix my crappy laptop the inspiration hit me like a prize fighter: I need a halfway decent desktop… Since I get a pretty sizable discount at Radio Shack the most obvious choice was to buy the only desktop they were selling. Around 3:00 in the afternoon I purchased it for a solid $519 plus a $50 rebate that I have yet to redeem and I couldn’t be happier..

(Everything is all shiny)

Of course it means “The Quest” was been delayed substantially by my grand cash-drop, but it hasn’t been called off by any means….

In the meantime I’ve made this thing my new God.

-Right before I purchased my new computer I went to go see the Best Picture winner “No Country for Old Men” in the theater (I know, it came out on DVD this week…). At the time of the Oscars I bet against “No Country” because I’ve had a 6 year record of seeing the “Best Picture” on the opening day and it missed my local theaters entirely. Although I lost 10 bucks to it I thought it was an unbelievably good movie.


-Some old fellow rekindled my hatred of the geriatric by calling into my work, complaining for 20 minutes, and letting loose a series of racial slurs all because his security cameras didn’t work the way he wanted them to. He didn’t want me to do anything about them, he just wanted to let me know.

-Discovered I had to work late for the next two days, and any good posting from me would impossible.


-Would normally be around the time I’d post my “Free Write“…I’ll do that later.


-After long internal debate I finally dropped my Statistics class, due simply to the fact I sucked at it. I’m not good with math of any kind, and just holding out to the last possible moment would be just wasting mine and the Prof.’s time. My mind isn’t as “problem solvey” as most but I am good at memorizing useless information (think less Einstein and more Slingblade). I’ll take it next semester.


-Spring Break is next week. I hope it’s not going to turn out like last year

-Speaking of last year, March 17th is Vintage Caveman’s One Year Blogiversery. We (I) would like the Get Smart Box Set.

(10:46 I’m a solid hour and fourteen minutes within my own set deadline.)

Social Science

I have a late Sociology on Wednesday nights, and tonight we discussed “Socialization through the Life Course”. The basic idea behind it is that as we go through the different stages of life, roles and the way we socialize changes. Interestingly, it also means around the age 65 you are expected to voluntary give up your role and become the “old person”.

Personally, when I’m 65 I’m not giving up anything without a fight. My plain is when I get older I’m going to buy one of those sword-canes for that special occasion when I become a burden to my kids and they send me to a nursing home. I swear to God an orderly is going to lose a finger.