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I Have No Idea Anymore..

Starting today I have two jobs, and I have no idea how this happened…

Right before I left my last job I applied for and was in the running for a a phone sales position. Two or three days after my second interview with that company I received a call from the place that I had my horrible summer job experience with last year and they wanted me back this year.

My first inclination was to shoot down the company that royally screwed my entire summer last year, but then they offered me more money. I’m really in need of money so I blindly sign up for orientation (Friday at 8). Today I had my final meeting with the phone sales people and they basically hand me the job due to my prior sales experience and then introduced me to the rest of the management.

As I’m shaking hands with the “Senior Second Shift Floor Manager” I realize that I must have inadvertently sold my soul to the devil because this kind of stuff never happens to me.

Of course it means more money, but I have absolutely no idea what effect it’ll have on my writing here, my writing in general (I want to try and squeeze 4 good essays out of this summer), or on this whole “being a person thing”. I personally have no clue what the future holds for me so stay tuned.

(Also I let you know when I quit one of my jobs out of frustration, so we can go out and have a drink. My buy…)

UPDATE (5/22/08 4:34pm)- Problem solved. I just received a call from the phone sales people and the training will interfere with the other job no matter what. One has to go…


It is finally dead…

As of 9:00PM EST (eastern standard time) Matthew J. Becker who is known as Caveman to most people has officially ended his time at the soulless retail corporation known as Radio Shack (stock symbol: RSH).

The end of an era

I won’t reveal many details of the new job, only that it’ll pay me a lot more and will give me more time during the day to write.

Seeing that I’m done with the college for the summer, and I don’t start the new job for a few days I am only a slave to the rhythm. NOW’S THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANCE!!!

Must see T.V.

Last night was the first episodes of the television shows “the Office” and “30 Rock” in several months due to the writers’ strike. I would normally be the first one to discuss last night’s events, but of course me being the big sleepy dork that am I completely passed out by 8:30. When I woke up this morning, needless to say I was upset with myself.

I tried to see if they put the new episodes up for stream, but alas I was foiled…

After a few quick emails and a phone call or two I quickly discovered a friend of mine who is a even bigger “Office” fan and a Tivo owner. After a quick stop for pizza I swung by and commandeered her living room.

It is unfortunate that she isn’t more of a “30 Rock” fan, I heard last night’s episode was awesome.

I discovered this short story not long ago, and I find it utterly terrific. The basic premise of the story is that it is a chunk of posts from a message board for time travelers, and it covers some of the gold that I think makes “our” Internet so great.

Question: If you could travel back in time what would you do first?

Thursday, Finally…

Summarizing last couple of days…


-I got my federal tax return that Monday and I was looking for something to spend it on. After the billionth time trying to fix my crappy laptop the inspiration hit me like a prize fighter: I need a halfway decent desktop… Since I get a pretty sizable discount at Radio Shack the most obvious choice was to buy the only desktop they were selling. Around 3:00 in the afternoon I purchased it for a solid $519 plus a $50 rebate that I have yet to redeem and I couldn’t be happier..

(Everything is all shiny)

Of course it means “The Quest” was been delayed substantially by my grand cash-drop, but it hasn’t been called off by any means….

In the meantime I’ve made this thing my new God.

-Right before I purchased my new computer I went to go see the Best Picture winner “No Country for Old Men” in the theater (I know, it came out on DVD this week…). At the time of the Oscars I bet against “No Country” because I’ve had a 6 year record of seeing the “Best Picture” on the opening day and it missed my local theaters entirely. Although I lost 10 bucks to it I thought it was an unbelievably good movie.


-Some old fellow rekindled my hatred of the geriatric by calling into my work, complaining for 20 minutes, and letting loose a series of racial slurs all because his security cameras didn’t work the way he wanted them to. He didn’t want me to do anything about them, he just wanted to let me know.

-Discovered I had to work late for the next two days, and any good posting from me would impossible.


-Would normally be around the time I’d post my “Free Write“…I’ll do that later.


-After long internal debate I finally dropped my Statistics class, due simply to the fact I sucked at it. I’m not good with math of any kind, and just holding out to the last possible moment would be just wasting mine and the Prof.’s time. My mind isn’t as “problem solvey” as most but I am good at memorizing useless information (think less Einstein and more Slingblade). I’ll take it next semester.


-Spring Break is next week. I hope it’s not going to turn out like last year

-Speaking of last year, March 17th is Vintage Caveman’s One Year Blogiversery. We (I) would like the Get Smart Box Set.

(10:46 I’m a solid hour and fourteen minutes within my own set deadline.)

An interesting choice of music

I play music, but I’d hardly consider myself a “musician”. I know I’ve called myself a “musician” in the past and in a previous post but calling ones self a musician comes somewhat too natural. Its just that it seems unfair to call any old yahoo who can pick up a instrument and memorize a few ditties a musician, it’s like calling a guy who has a blog a writer (At least that’s what I tell women…). I believe the title should be earned with years of hard work and effort.

A friend of mine is studying  “Celtic Fiddling” in college right now and she is one of the best musicians I have ever seen. I might have been close to the legendary “musician” status one or twice, but now I have receded into my ditties.


I intend to learn to play the ukulele.


In my entire music playing experience I’ve never played a stringed instrument (at least not that I can remember…it was high school) and I figure a ‘uke’ would be the best thing to lead me down a new musical pathway since guitars can be expensive (and I’ve known too many a-holes who whip them out at parties) and the violin/cello/bass takes along time to learn (and I’m lazy). All that plus the ukulele’s extensive history and a catalog of good, playable music it seems like an obvious choice.

Before anyone spawns even the tiniest nugget of doubt here are some videos that helped me make my decision, enjoy:

(saw this and thought of you, Will)

Take this job and restaff it.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one punk brat customer to respond to your inquiry of help: “I’m just looking. I look at stuff all the time. Can’t I just look!?!” it becomes necessary for one to either A) kill said punk brat, or B) in cooperation with previous factors (lack of hours, bad pay) reivaluate my position at “The Shack”.

In other words: “I Quit Dis Bitch!”

After a good long four month run at “The Shack” I’m leaving. It’s as simple as that. My work at the “The Shack” started out as simple and fun but quickly turned to hateful and suck. Everyday that I wake up and head out to work is like taking a cheese grater to the back of my head (which if I was offered a job cheese grating the back of my head, I’d take it). Everything plus the hours, and cash thing means I can’t continue on this path while sober.

I had a job interview with Blockbuster yesterday and it went really well, I find out next week. Wish me luck because I can’t escape unless I have a place to escape to.

New Year, No Fear

My biggest achievements of ’07

  1. Got elected Vice President of Senior class
  2. Discovered how to blow up a hard boiled egg
  3. Discovered how to clean molten egg of of the refrigerator
  4. Started this thing
  5. Got a once in a lifetime chance to exchange e-mails with some awesome/inspiring people
  6. Graduated
  7. Something else that is equally important that I can’t remember right now

Anyways. . .

Forget the resolutions,

 Love the one you’re with

 and have one hell of a New Year!