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You’ve Been Blogrolled…

For the first time in…awhile I’ve decided to update the old blogroll to include some of the blogs I picked up reading in the last couple of months. See? I’m lazy.

The catalyst of my break from general my “not-doing-stuff-ness” is the recent influx of new Internet friends and an open conversation between the blogs about the usefulness of the side bar.

New additions include:

All of which are fully Caveman approved, and should be visited as soon as you are done here.

(My apologies if anyone was forgotten)


The Balki To Your Larry

Saturday was the 6th ever live airing of the ever infamous BetheMarriage on Ice. It’s one hell of a good show if you ever get a chance to see it, and I suggest you do… You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel slightly molested.

Anyways, this 6th ‘episode’ marks the first use of the Skype call-in line. Normally a call-in line would be nothing really special, but those who stayed to around the hour and a half mark were treated to a surprise call from the one-and-only Vintage Caveman.

I say ‘surprise call’ mainly because no one knew I was going to call, not even me. The thing is..I’m a mid-level social person. I’ll meet some friends for coffee, I’ll join in a little light conversation at a party, but ask me to stand up in front of people and talk about anything and you will see true fear. It’s like cornering a wild animal.

I figured that if I am to become a normal human being I should force myself into more in-depth social situations. When that number flashed on the screen for the last time that night I took my chances, said “fuck it”, and dialed it on my cell phone.. As they say “the rest is history”.

I feel I was a little nervous (I was actually shaking a bit. I’m such a nerd.) and a couple of things I said for “the funny” came off as “not the funny”, but that is expected without anytime to filter myself. I’m a blogger not a phone person, what can I say?

Much thanks to Slack and The Boy

Caveman: The Dark Knight?

As far back as I can remember my love of super heroes and the like have had a decently large place in my life (not overly obsessive, but it’s big), but Batman has been different. Batman quickly surfaced as a favorite at a very young age because I could kind of identify with him.

Growing up I knew there was no way I was the last son of a recently destroyed planet, going to develop super speed, be chosen by alien guardians to police the galaxy with a super ring, and I’m pretty sure I was never raised on a mysterious island by Amazons. The only thing that made Batman special was his mind and that resonated with me in a very weird way. I watched every episode of “Batman: The Animated Series”, had a small army of Batman action figures, and basically worshiped the ground that fictional character walked on.

Kid Caveman as The Batman.
I know..."What happened?"
You are a very funny person..

As I grew up I started to move farther and farther apart from my super hero idol, but the funny thing about “The Caped Crusader” is that no matter how far you run you won’t be able to evade him.

Around 8th grade I was introduced to to ancient Greece, more specifically the Greek tragedies, and the more I read the more I thought: Batman. Themes like the scorned hero, the eternal fight for justice, revenge, and even the unconquerable evil we sometimes must face seemed like they were all pulled out of the Batman handbook. The symmetry and artistry in motion was just plain beautiful.

Things that make me a huge Batman fan: (+20 nerd cred)

  • My first Internet pseudonym was Matches Malone
  • I own an almost complete collection of the greatest Batman graphic novels (I’m just missing Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke“)
  • I’ve already decide that my first son’s name will either be Bruce or Oliver (Oliver is the name of the Green Arrow)
  • My home is called “the Cave Cave” (or “the Matt Cave” if you want to use real names…)
  • One of my first nerd crushes was Yvonne Craig
  • I paid for me, Cavedad, and sister to go see “Batman Forever“. I was 6…
  • These are some of my most prized possessions:
  • A copy of the original government issued patent (as seen on Be the Marriage) and picture of the original television Batmobile. Both signed by George Barris, it’s creator.

A Little Justified Bragging

  • Friday, I finally scraped together enough money to pay off the college for my second semester.
  • Saturday, the college finally releases my second semester grades…

Ladies and Gentlemen I know I posted this earlier on BetheMarriage Live on Ice and shortly after on Twitter but…I got an A in my College Writing class. I know you wunderkinds out there in Internet Land think I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but this is huge for me.

While I was in high school I absolutely hated to write…anything. I’d go out of my way to half ass my way through an assigned essay or not to do the essay at all. I just couldn’t focus on writing something I wasn’t committed with.

I think I can attribute my change of heart, oddly enough, to this whole blog thing. For the first time I realized that I could write about literally anything I wanted (which obviously helped). The more I wrote about whatever I wanted, the more a long buried voice emerged and the more I enjoyed what I did. Plus, the whole network of people commenting on what I write really spurs me on to the next blog post.

I currently have no aspirations to become a writer in the near future, but with the industry I hope to get in to one day it helps to be able to write and not have people vomit with rage over it…

I(‘m not) ain’t dead yet*

Those in the know have some idea of my Internet problems, and it’s…problematic.

Fortunately, sometime within the next couple days I am switching back to a cable DSL. Unfortunately, I can’t post anything of any substance until my internets get better…

Just letting you know that I’m still alive, and plan on being so for a good long while.


Your votes helped me in to the finals of Antisocial Networking’s Nerd Crush contest and I need your help once again. The final round of voting ends Thursday at 12 PST.


*The title is actually a double reference: “I ain’t dead yet, Motherfucker!” is the title of a documentary about Richard Pryor, and “I’m not dead yet” is a famous quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

A Call To Arms

*Today’s post is best read if you picture me in front of a giant flag (like in Patton), and if you start humming “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” riggghhhht now…

In the regular course of human events it is required to support one’s beliefs by voting.

My post “Nerd At First Sight” has made it to the the semi-finals of Antisocial Networking’s Nerd Crush contest, and it will stay a semi-finalist forever unless you do something about it. Right now I ask, no implore as I’ve done before to go directly from here straight to Antisocial Networking and vote (for me)!

Heck, I don’t even care if you vote for me (I’m lying, I do care).. If you hated my post there are a a bunch of others to chose from.

Voting ends Thursday 12pm PST. Get your vote in for whoever before then, and have that that painful weight lifted.

Good Night, and God Bless…

Nerd At First Sight

For Antisocial Networking’s “Nerd Crush” contest:

I believe a nerd crush can be defined as either a crush a nerd would have, or a crush on a nerd. You should be able to trust that I’ve had plenty of both…

Over the years I can remember a number of crushes I had that could considered overly “nerdy” or “geeky” but the nature of a “crush” allows it change and adapt so constantly its hard to keep tabs on my year to year interests. Current nerd crushes of mine could include:

  • Kristen Bell for her role in Heroes and future role in the super geek movie “Fanboys”
  • Zooey Deschanel for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and her beautifully nerdy/outcast role in “The New Guy”
  • and finally Liz Sherman the fictional comic book super heroine who lives is a dark/dank world populated by mythical and highly dangerous creatures (and I guess Hellboy is there too…)

The women listed above may be beautiful, intelligent, talented, and able to set things on fire with their minds but they can barely hold a candle (Hehehe…get it? Candle..) to the wonder that was my first nerd crush: Miss Yvonne Craig.

Yvonne Craig is better known to the 1967-68 television audience as Batgirl…I know the woman who played Batgirl isn’t a very surprising nerd crush coming from me, but bare with me for a second..

What was I saying again? Ummm, oh yea…

I discovered the lovely Miss Craig around 14 years ago, one Saturday morning. I was flipping through channels looking for the ever elusive “Saturday Morning Cartoon” when I stumbled on a live-action Batman. The sheer 60’s television violence and the whole Batman-ness drew me in but the thing that captivated me was Batgirl. I don’t know what it was but there hasn’t be a red-head that could make me go all “googley eyed” like her since..

My God, look at that smile…

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