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People who should be saved during the Apocalypse

In most of the “end of the world” movies they attempt to save all the scientists and politicians by sticking them in bunker or something equally strange. I think thats a bad idea, mainly because we’re not going to need them after society as we know it ends. So I sugest we make a new list of people who should be saved during the Apocalypse. My list would be:

  1. Bloggers (see Blogroll)
  2. Musicans (based off each blogger’s list)*
  3. That one girl who gets really funny drunk at parties
  4. People who can make stuff (because I can’t)
  5. Pets (not people, but totally worth the space in the bunker)
  6. Artists (my vote is for Mike Mignola, Eric Joyner, and the guys from the Venture Bros.)

* 5 Musicians I’d save during the Apocalypse

  1. Ringo Starr
  2. Elvis Costello
  3. Mick Jagger
  4. John Williams
  5. This Guy

An open letter to my lawn

Dear Lawn,

Why do you have to be such a dick. I mean I mourn when you die in the winter, and I imagine I take some-what good care of you. For god sakes I don’t use you for a toilet like the dog does!! So with my sparkling history with you, why do you continue to grow and force me to cut you. You have worn out your welcome, please leave…

Mr. Caveman

My Dog, Dagwood

So here he is:


Caveman’s Best Friend


This is the most awesomely, awesome animal EVER! I love this big blob so much.

We first got him about 2 years ago, when my family and I were planning to move out to the country. We found him on a local animal shelter’s website, and he was incredibly affectionate and friendly.

Dagwood was originally from Florida, but a series hurricanes forced his first owner to relocate to Maine, and when the first owner couldn’t find room for him he had to give him up. Your loss, Sucker!

Actually Dagwood isn’t a dog, he’s a large mass of brown marshmallow that loves to eat

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