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Geek: The Origins

For Antisocial Networking’s “Coming out of Comic Book Closet” contest:

It may surprise some of you (sarcasm), but I was geeked from birth. Straight from the get go “the Simpsons” were almost the entirety of my life, and my hero was either Herman Munster, Maxwell Smart, or Batman (it switched around a lot). I believe I can blame a good chunk of my geekiness on my father never censored what media I was exposed to. I mean, my father took me to see “Escape from L.A.” when it came out…I was seven.

Like most people I was not aware who I was right away (I’m actually still unsure), but I ran into a pretty large signpost in the fifth grade:

It was a day or two before Christmas and the teacher (who was noticeably hung over) declared the we were going have a trivia contest, and we had to split up in to groups. Me being the socially awkward child I was I wasn’t to happy to do the whole “group thing” so the teacher paired me with the “weird kid” (who interestingly enough burnt down two buildings six years later). The contest started and it was almost all popular culture.

An hour and 50 to 70 questions later my team had won by an overwhelming margin (I can’t remember, but I was at least 200 points past everyone). That moment of victory and the crushing alienation of my peers because of my victory cemented the fact that I was indeed a geek.

I all went down hill from there for the young geek Caveman. A month later I started collecting comic books, and two months after that I started the Hobbit (which oddly cemented my love of reading).



May 3rd is “Free Comic Book Day” at most local comic book stories. Since there is nothing better than something free or a good comic book I don’t expect to repeat myself.

We at Caveman HQ will be celebrating this nerd holiday to it’s fullest.

Goals of life?

For some reason, being the college student that I am allows people to ask a number of unusual questions like: “Where do you go?”, “What’s your Major?”, “Why are you looking at me like that?”. Which are all normally fine and I’ll answer you with a smile, but question that truly annoys me is “What are your goals for the future?”.

My answer for the ones who are ‘dieing’ to know is the usual “Graduate. Career. Die Happy.”. I haven’t really took the time to plain out anything, but weird events that have arisen in a friend’s life have communicated to me that I should be less lax and drop my whatever will be, will be look on the world.

Over the past week and a half whenever I had the time I constructed a list, reconstructed a list and came up with a list of overall desirable achievables. A lot of the list is comprised of things I’ve always wanted to do, but a good percentage is stuff that when you think about it you can’t help but think…”That would be awesome”. I hope you enjoy my little compilation, and hope you find something to add to your own lists.

Caveman’s Non-Important But Still Very Desirable Life Goals:

  • Get a tattoo of my hero: Abraham Lincoln

A la mode

Unfortunately its to hard to be lazy when you’ve been indebted to help a friend for the weekend. More unfortunately, (for her and me) I’m as sick as a dog. I’m so sick I think I stopped being able to feel feelings or taste things for the last half an hour.

Also, I think I maybe a little delirious. I was flipping around t.v. channels and I stumbled on a Lifetime movie. The scene was a man with a 70’s porn-star mustache running down a young soccer mom in a car.  Even though it was a violent/sickening moment, all I could do was to laugh

On a different note I found something interesting via BetheBoy

 A young lady who goes by the name “the pants” (either I can’t find her real name, or am to lazy to) who is in a bit of a money pickle, is offering to paint shoes in a pop/comic art style for money.

I am extremely considering ordering a pair of these for 3 reasons:

1.I love handmade goods like this, I have to be the biggest etsy lurker

2. It’s comic art, If I get a pair it would either be Batman, zombies, or Zombie Batman 

3. It’s helping someone in need, I love to lend a hand, it’s my thang.

The only problem is that I’m poor as dirt

All you need is love

The recent wedding commotion has re-inspired me in my search for Mrs. Right (Mrs. Caveman if you may).

I have had only one serious relationship which was a couple of years back. She (lets call her Roxie) was beautiful, funny, and smart. Me and “Roxie” were inseparable, but alas we were only kids and with time we grew apart… After that I’ve had many occasions if I hadn’t of wait so long, or hadn’t just been a stupid nervous wreck things would be different. Its just life, I guess. Some of us have it, and some of us don’t. Until I find that special lady, I’m going to study like it was a test. 

Plus its pretty difficult to find someone who likes Zombie movies, comics, giant cookies, and Blueberry Pop-tarts.

In other news:

Not a lot of people know this but I am a HUGE Beatles fan, and before Spiderman 3 there was a trailer for a movie called Across the Universe.

Across the Universe is about a dock worker Jude who travels to America in the 1960s to find his estranged father. There he falls in love with sheltered American teenager Lucy. When her brother Max is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, they become involved in peace activism. And its told through Beatles songs. Yay!

Nerdtastic Saturday

Today was AWESOME!

Because the past couple weeks have been pretty mediocre, decided to devote this Saturday to one of the things I really nerd-out about: Comics! I’ve loved comics since I was a “wee-nerd”

I slept till ’bout 11:00, cause of course it was the weekend. Then after doing nothing for a few hours, I went over to the local comic shop for the annual Free Comic Book Day, because everything is better when its free. While at the comic shop I picked up 4 freebies, and I bought The Walking Dead vol.2 (because the only thing I nerd-out more than comics is zombies). Alittle while and one nap later, I went to go see Spiderman 3. My opinion of Spiderman 3?

It was ok… 

I going to spend of the night reading my free comics. Goodnight.

I might have stolen this from someone…

Sometimes when things aren’t going the the way I expect them to, I like to think of things I’m thankful for:


1. Blueberry Pop-Tarts


 These things are the tops! I’d probably go through 20 boxes a month if I had any money. If anyone were to buy me some, I’d be their’s forever! Till I find that person, I’m left mooching Blueberry Pop-Tarts off friends and family. 

2. The Office

This has to be one of the best shows around today. Nuff said. 

3. Sporks

One of man’s greatest achievements. Pictured above is the Titanium Spork, I only wish I could be as privileged to own this beautiful piece of technology. 

4. British People

5. Comics

I’ve always loved comic books, ever since I was a kid. I still do today, its like getting your literature and art in one sitting. I recommend The Walking Dead, and anything by Mike Mignola, or Frank Miller. Alan Moore is pretty good too.