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A Little Justified Bragging

  • Friday, I finally scraped together enough money to pay off the college for my second semester.
  • Saturday, the college finally releases my second semester grades…

Ladies and Gentlemen I know I posted this earlier on BetheMarriage Live on Ice and shortly after on Twitter but…I got an A in my College Writing class. I know you wunderkinds out there in Internet Land think I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but this is huge for me.

While I was in high school I absolutely hated to write…anything. I’d go out of my way to half ass my way through an assigned essay or not to do the essay at all. I just couldn’t focus on writing something I wasn’t committed with.

I think I can attribute my change of heart, oddly enough, to this whole blog thing. For the first time I realized that I could write about literally anything I wanted (which obviously helped). The more I wrote about whatever I wanted, the more a long buried voice emerged and the more I enjoyed what I did. Plus, the whole network of people commenting on what I write really spurs me on to the next blog post.

I currently have no aspirations to become a writer in the near future, but with the industry I hope to get in to one day it helps to be able to write and not have people vomit with rage over it…


It is finally dead…

As of 9:00PM EST (eastern standard time) Matthew J. Becker who is known as Caveman to most people has officially ended his time at the soulless retail corporation known as Radio Shack (stock symbol: RSH).

The end of an era

I won’t reveal many details of the new job, only that it’ll pay me a lot more and will give me more time during the day to write.

Seeing that I’m done with the college for the summer, and I don’t start the new job for a few days I am only a slave to the rhythm. NOW’S THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANCE!!!

Good Omen

Yesterday was the standard “Blood Donation Day”at the college today, and my general philosophy dictates that I must give until it hurts (because I’ve done a lot of bad things and I need the extra credit with the big guy). 

Anyways..Due to poor scheduling on the college’s part all blood letting had to happen in a big ol’ Red Cross bus behind the cafeteria. I sign in, finish off the standard “Could your blood kill someone?”questionaire, and grab a window seat.

Now, I have no problem whatsoever giving blood (once again…I’ve done bad things), I just have a problem with the whole “stabbing” aspect of it. It may surprise most of you, but I’m a huge pansy. I’ve given blood around 7 times in my life and I still wimper like a sick puppy every time.

While waiting for the ever important needle a song came over the radio that made me feel a lot better. I mean, it isn’t just any song that can turn me getting stabbed in the arm into a pleasent thing. It is a song I’ve been hearing on an almost consistant basis for the past 2 weeks: “Higher And Higher” by Jackie Wilson. I’m not saying it is was good song just that it was a good omen.

For those who are not in the know: “Higher and Higher” is the song  that is used to bring the Statue of Liberty to life in the movie Ghostbusters II. Ghostbusters II is a movie I’ve seen close to 25 times (as of this post) due to my writing class paper about about the series’ cultural impact. The fact that I have never heard the song on the radio before this point meant my day was going to be good one.

If you don’t believe me I’ve got fifty bucks that I won later that day that proves otherwise.


There is no Caveman, there is only Zuul…

It is nearing the end of my second semester of college and in my College writing I’ve been sacked with the choice of writing an analysis essay on anything I fancy. Giving me a choice of anything to write about is taint amount to giving a handgun to a cute puppy, there are a billions of ways it could end but no matter what happens the end product will be entertaining. Last time it happened I was a sophomore and I wrote an investigative report which fingered the mafia as being responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

This time around I’m taking a less dark turn, and I’ve decided to write about something more lighthearted. I had several ideas which mainly came from TV and movies and I threw the proverbial dart which stuck once I discovered that the “Ghostbusters” box set was on sale.

As recorded in the annals of time, the fifth and final paper for my College Writing class will be “The cultural significance of the movie Ghostbusters” and it is shaping up to be my third best essay ever.

I just discovered that Bob Dylan is coming to my city in a month. My tickets will be bought tomorrow, and more details will follow.

Thursday, Finally…

Summarizing last couple of days…


-I got my federal tax return that Monday and I was looking for something to spend it on. After the billionth time trying to fix my crappy laptop the inspiration hit me like a prize fighter: I need a halfway decent desktop… Since I get a pretty sizable discount at Radio Shack the most obvious choice was to buy the only desktop they were selling. Around 3:00 in the afternoon I purchased it for a solid $519 plus a $50 rebate that I have yet to redeem and I couldn’t be happier..

(Everything is all shiny)

Of course it means “The Quest” was been delayed substantially by my grand cash-drop, but it hasn’t been called off by any means….

In the meantime I’ve made this thing my new God.

-Right before I purchased my new computer I went to go see the Best Picture winner “No Country for Old Men” in the theater (I know, it came out on DVD this week…). At the time of the Oscars I bet against “No Country” because I’ve had a 6 year record of seeing the “Best Picture” on the opening day and it missed my local theaters entirely. Although I lost 10 bucks to it I thought it was an unbelievably good movie.


-Some old fellow rekindled my hatred of the geriatric by calling into my work, complaining for 20 minutes, and letting loose a series of racial slurs all because his security cameras didn’t work the way he wanted them to. He didn’t want me to do anything about them, he just wanted to let me know.

-Discovered I had to work late for the next two days, and any good posting from me would impossible.


-Would normally be around the time I’d post my “Free Write“…I’ll do that later.


-After long internal debate I finally dropped my Statistics class, due simply to the fact I sucked at it. I’m not good with math of any kind, and just holding out to the last possible moment would be just wasting mine and the Prof.’s time. My mind isn’t as “problem solvey” as most but I am good at memorizing useless information (think less Einstein and more Slingblade). I’ll take it next semester.


-Spring Break is next week. I hope it’s not going to turn out like last year

-Speaking of last year, March 17th is Vintage Caveman’s One Year Blogiversery. We (I) would like the Get Smart Box Set.

(10:46 I’m a solid hour and fourteen minutes within my own set deadline.)

Quick Free Write

03/04/2008 College Writing Free Write

Winter in Maine is one “hellava” experience. Up here fall doesn’t retreat gracefully like in most states it runs away screaming holding its bloodied nose. The only people happy to see another winter time in Maine are people who make a lot of money off of it which, in a way, is like making a deal with the devil.

All my childhood memories that involve wintertime are happy and joy filled. Why is that when I’m an adult I grow embittered about everything? I truly long for the time of recess, snow pants, and that large snow bank that the plow men have nowhere else to put.”


Free Write 2; Balance the universe, buy a hippy.

2/26 A College Writing class free write:

I’ve always maintained that next to zombies, mountain folk, and British people hippies are some of my favorite types of people. I am in no why condoning the hippy life-style and culture, but if they’re going to be around anyways, why not enjoy them?

Which, of course, gets me to my point: everyone should own a hippy. I suggest we round up all the hippy populations in the world and place them on farms. These farms are specifically set up for the care and eventually readiness for a hippy to be purchased. While on farms hippies will get bathed regularly, taught strict hippy philosophy, and be fed a strict diet of vegetables and pot to ensure a healthy, happy and fresh smelling hippy.

When it is time for a consumer to purchase his or her own hippy they will take a trip out to the local hippy farm to pick out their ideal hippy. Owning your own hippy is relatively simple, all you have to do is give them food and water and make sure they don’t get hit by a car (hippies are strangely drawn to traffic).

‘What is the advantage to owning your own hippy?’ you may ask… The answer is very easy: owning a hippy is like having the universe’s “Get out jail free” card. Next time you’re in a car accident don’t worry about losing your temper, due to your ownership of a perpetually positive hippy the universe is in perfect balance. In fact if you decide to slide that baseball bat you keep in the trunk out a ruff up the other guy’s car a bit it’s fine because the hippy just being there cancels out whatever negativity you can muster.

Plus, besides 70’s police officers who doesn’t like a good hippy?

The hippy’s bastard children, “Hipsters”, on the other hand should be thrown off of cliffs (Which I could do because I would own a hippy).

My inspiration for today’s free write:


(Hippies on my can of Mountain Dew)