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The first day of the rest of my life. Part 2

I haven’t been posting lately because I am enjoying life. The sky is bluer, flowers smell sweeter, and I’ve had like 27 Pop-tarts.

  • I graduate in two days
  • I finally took the money out of the bank to buy a digital camera
  • I start my new job Monday
  • I’ve got two parties left to go to: Star Wars Marathon, Poker Night

I know life is not going to be like this forever, but I wish it could.


Ah… The life of a Caveman

I wonder if anyone has gotten so bored that they just starting typing random made-up urls to see if the existed. Not me.

In other news: is not a real website. Very interesting…

All you need is love

The recent wedding commotion has re-inspired me in my search for Mrs. Right (Mrs. Caveman if you may).

I have had only one serious relationship which was a couple of years back. She (lets call her Roxie) was beautiful, funny, and smart. Me and “Roxie” were inseparable, but alas we were only kids and with time we grew apart… After that I’ve had many occasions if I hadn’t of wait so long, or hadn’t just been a stupid nervous wreck things would be different. Its just life, I guess. Some of us have it, and some of us don’t. Until I find that special lady, I’m going to study like it was a test. 

Plus its pretty difficult to find someone who likes Zombie movies, comics, giant cookies, and Blueberry Pop-tarts.

In other news:

Not a lot of people know this but I am a HUGE Beatles fan, and before Spiderman 3 there was a trailer for a movie called Across the Universe.

Across the Universe is about a dock worker Jude who travels to America in the 1960s to find his estranged father. There he falls in love with sheltered American teenager Lucy. When her brother Max is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, they become involved in peace activism. And its told through Beatles songs. Yay!

One fish, two fish

To end my cabin fever I decided to go outside do a little fishing. Going fishing was really a last option, because it takes about 20 minutes to get to some place good. If you’re going to take the time, you might as well go to the best spot.

If you ask two people “where’s the best place to fish?” they’ll give you two different answers, but if you’d ask me I’d have to say the best fishing spot in all of Maine is the river running through the little town of Gardiner. Although Gardiner is a mind-boggling 40 minute drive, it’s well worth it.

So I took the 40 minute drive, with all my fishing stuff in the trunk, totally expecting to spend a good couple of hours fishing. When I got to Gardiner I discovered the road leading to the river was flooded. Saddened I got some lunch and went home to do nothing.


(Picture from my step-dad’s last fishing trip, no pictures from actual trip, camera broken)

For diner I went to a place I haven’t been in ages. When I was younger I used to always get the same thing: two hot dogs, some french fries and a giant cookie. I loved the giant cookies. I went there today, and ordered two hot dogs, some french fries, and when I asked for the giant cookie I was informed they no longer sold them. That was the icing on the cake! I was so upset.

Fortunately, on the way home I picked up some Blueberry Pop-Tarts, which made me feel better.


I now have an e-mail just for the blog, so if you want to say hi don’t be a stranger.

vintagecaveman (at) gmail (dot) com

I love vacation

Because this is the week I’m on vacation, I’m not going to do anything productive.

If you don’t beleive me, this is what I did today:

Woke up at 10am

Watched tv and read the blogs for two hours

Got out of bed 

Made an egg sandwich and two Blueberry Pop-Tarts  for Lunch

Watched tv and fooled around with my new laptop

More Blueberry Pop-Tarts


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I might have stolen this from someone…

Sometimes when things aren’t going the the way I expect them to, I like to think of things I’m thankful for:


1. Blueberry Pop-Tarts


 These things are the tops! I’d probably go through 20 boxes a month if I had any money. If anyone were to buy me some, I’d be their’s forever! Till I find that person, I’m left mooching Blueberry Pop-Tarts off friends and family. 

2. The Office

This has to be one of the best shows around today. Nuff said. 

3. Sporks

One of man’s greatest achievements. Pictured above is the Titanium Spork, I only wish I could be as privileged to own this beautiful piece of technology. 

4. British People

5. Comics

I’ve always loved comic books, ever since I was a kid. I still do today, its like getting your literature and art in one sitting. I recommend The Walking Dead, and anything by Mike Mignola, or Frank Miller. Alan Moore is pretty good too.