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Plugging other people’s stuff, Part 2

  • LA blogger Will Betheboy’s demise has been greatly exaggerated. Will has emerged from the shadows to once more stretch his blogging muscle. This time around he is taking a stab at writing about his passion for music. More correctly, he’s writing to regain a lost passion for music, and A rock and roll ghost is his new medium. Check it out!

Also, look for Will at Los Angeles Metblogs. He writes under the name “The 8 Track Kid”. I don’t live in LA but I read it.

  • Snarky Dork is really a good way to describe Jodi, but isn’t that true of us all? I found Jodi’s blog through friend of blog The Slackmistress because of my post about my hamster, Ophelia. The Slack described “Hamster Queen” has a love of all animals and is a really great writer. She should be a definite stop along your blogging way.

Plus, she’s the only one who can stand that I’m alittle lazy when it comes to pulling weeds in Animal Crossing. 

  • Spork Nation is mixture of haphazardness and all around fun. The proprietor of the “Nation” (known as JT) can only be described as one hell of a human being, and that means alot coming from me (Caveman). Stop by anytime and you can be faced with a (unfortunately soon defunct) weekly feature detailing the ins and outs of the bar/pizza joint “The Village Idiot” which is hilarious to say the least, or possibly one of the challenges he’ll perform if circumstances see fit (see The Amazing Mayonnasie). Either way, swing by and JT will show you a good time.