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Discovering a classic

Late Sunday night I was flipping through my basic cable channels and I stumbled across a movie I’ve been meaning to see for awhile. As a huge movie fan I pride myself in the extent of my “have seen list” but there are a few key movies that I’m ashamed I haven’t gotten around to yet. Some of the big ones on my “have not seen list” include Weekend at Bernie’s 1 (I’ve seen 2), The Wizard of Oz (Yes I’m serious), and up until Sunday: Metropolis.

Metropolis (1927) is about an increasing divide between two distinct social groups in the year 2026: the thinkers and the workers. The thinkers who live in the upper areas of the world survive with the most extreme forms of luxury, and barely know of anything outside their lives. While the workers toil in the lower areas, closer to the earth and living the most meager of existences. One day the idealistic son of leader of the city treks to the worker’s hub and personally witnesses the straining of the established infrastructure, and the preparations for revolution.

I’m not going to give away the ending, only that it involves an angelic prophet, robot deception, and an almost apocalyptic ending to the city.

For a silent, black and white film Metropolis is a completely enjoyable experience compared to most of the time period. The visuals are stunning and really push the limits of technology of the time. The story is choke full of symbolism and forethought, so much so it almost hints that each scene was carefully planed out to reflect a socialistic then anti-socialistic message.

The budget for this movie was so large that it nearly bankrupted the studio that produced it, and by now-a-days standards would cost close to two hundred million. Some of the most visually outstanding scenes in the movie made good use of an army of 37,000+ extras. The near apocalyptic end to the city of Metropolis is beautifully framed by large explosions, and torrential rising waters which is incredibly uncharacteristic for film of the time.

This film has meant so much to so many that it is said that everyone involved in the production had their careers skyrocket in the days of the film’s release. It is also believed to have inspired the modern science fiction flick. Without Metropolis there would be no Robot Monster, Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Firefly.

The film has survived 81 years, two restorations, and a hand full of re releases and I’m just seeing it now? I’m always late to the party…

I just saw “In Bruges” today, and it was fantastic. If you ever get a chance to see it, you should. The medieval city of Bruges, Irish hit men, and a little person = A damn good movie.


Plugging other people’s stuff


Ben over at Killer Sandbox Productions just bought himself a brand new drawing tablet and he feels he needs a little practice. Just go over Ben’s blog to and he’ll draw you whatever you want in the name self improvement. I asked for a “green” picture and got the above, and I love it…

His name is The Incredible Hallk. He is an upper middle manager with severe caffeine dependency issues.

(note:At this time Ben might not still be doing it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask…)


Friend of the blog The Slackmistress has decided that she will no longer remain apocalyptic fodder, and has plan to survive. The Post-Apocalyptic Workout is basically a planed workout and skills lesson that is specifically structured to survive a world overrun by zombies, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and alien invasions. Readers can become involved by tracking The Slackmistress’ progress, offer suggestions, or workout along with her. For those who like a little social interaction with their post-apocalyptic survival there is a PAW home game forum.

I’ve been following PAW since she started dodging zombies, and I hope to participate as soon as it warms up outside.

I’d like to take a second now to promote a couple blogs I’ve discovered over the past month or so that are run by some pretty awesome people:

Advanced Marital Age

How’s Anne?


Seven Lies


Finally, after a week long hiatus I have a chance to write something long, and some-what meaningful. Due to me adjusting to my new work schedule I haven’t had the time nor energy to even consider posting, but seeing that I’m getting better at this “time management” thing I can now take sometime out of my day to “write”. (Also I’ve learned to indicate sarcasim with quotation marks)

Return to the Blog-o-sphere

Today also marks the first time in a week I was able to read my favorite blogs. Although it took me nearly two and a half hours to read all the  missed posts, it was well worth it.

Also, may I add:

Good News 

I finally bought a digital camera! Unfortunatly the wireless is frigged up on my laptop, so pictures will come soon…


On June 8th, I Mr. Caveman became a fully responsible member of society by graduating at 7pm…or was it 8:30? I don’t know because the whole thing was about THREE HOURS LONG. 

It was incredably nerve racking lining up to “march” in. All of us in our best, taking pictures, talking in yearbook clichés (“Can you beleive we made it through”,”Have a great summer!”),and just waiting… Then the music starts, and the teachers (in their robes) exit through the big old doors first.

Halfway down the center aisle the teachers stop, and face towards the middle (I know, the symbolism is painful). I being the the second male student down, figured I cut the tension by giving all the teachers on my side a high five. 

After everything was said and done, the place was hell to get out of.

Project Graduation

For several years my school, and many school around has been doing something called “Project Graduation”. The main aim is to keep people from drinking and driving (most of us go for the free food).

45 minutes after graduation everyone was suposed to meet in the parting lot, get searched for booze, and pile into a bus going to a YMCA in the middle of nowhere.

I gotta say the YMCA out in the middle of nowhere had a pretty nice set up. It had 3 lanes of candle pin bowling, laser tag, a pool, and a giant inflatable “American Gladiator” style joust. We all stayed there until about 4:30.

To be continued

The first day of the rest of my life.

I’ve always thought that was a strange phrase: “The first day of the rest of my life? Isn’t that everyday?”

It wasn’t until yesterday that I finally understood what it meant. My last day of high school (EVER!) was yesterday. Of course I’m excited, but now I am forced to take a look at the future. In the fall I’ll be attending college as film major, and there will be no one to depend on but myself.

My last day was fun, I hung out with some friends, remembered the good-times, and stole a lot of stuff (they can’t prove it was me). It was almost like the series finally to a television show, when they have all the major characters in the same room then blackout.   

Seeing that the first day of the rest of my life landed on a weekend, I’m going to wait till Monday to start it (take the weekend to relax and go to some parties).

P.S. I officially graduate on June 8, look around that time for updates/pictures

In other news… Other than it being graduation season, and wedding season it is my favorite season of the year Garage Sale season. Its time once again to bicker with little old ladies over nickles and dimes, and I love it. Its not free, but pretty damn close. 

People who should be saved during the Apocalypse

In most of the “end of the world” movies they attempt to save all the scientists and politicians by sticking them in bunker or something equally strange. I think thats a bad idea, mainly because we’re not going to need them after society as we know it ends. So I sugest we make a new list of people who should be saved during the Apocalypse. My list would be:

  1. Bloggers (see Blogroll)
  2. Musicans (based off each blogger’s list)*
  3. That one girl who gets really funny drunk at parties
  4. People who can make stuff (because I can’t)
  5. Pets (not people, but totally worth the space in the bunker)
  6. Artists (my vote is for Mike Mignola, Eric Joyner, and the guys from the Venture Bros.)

* 5 Musicians I’d save during the Apocalypse

  1. Ringo Starr
  2. Elvis Costello
  3. Mick Jagger
  4. John Williams
  5. This Guy

Vacation, not what I expected

Although I started my vacation with very low expectations(which I was happy with), I now believe I’m going crazy with boredom. I haven’t left the house for 3 days, and I’ve been doing the same nothing for what seems like an eternity. I’m climbing the walls!

I have tried some things to stem the tied of boredom, which most have failed. I even tried playing chess, and I suck at chess. The only two things that seen to work are rereading The Godfather, and downloading just about every Popeye cartoon possible on my laptop (I love Popeye).

Seriously I am so bored I might just organize my Flickr *GASP*

Also, on a more happier note, my attempt to gain more visits to my blog is going good. So far I’ve had 32 more visits than usual, and much thanks should be given to Mr. Cockerham, The Slackmistress, and Will.

(P.S. Does anyone know where you can get a good moderately priced Digital Camera)

When Cavemen Go Bad!

The Geico Cavemen are getting their own tv show.


I don’t even like the commercials

If they wanted to give a caveman a tv show, I’d be perfect for the job.  So if any tv producers are reading this…  (call me!)

In other news…

The Apocalypse had arrived!