Questions sitting in the back of my mind.

– How many days can I go to bed really late and wake up really early before I die?

– What was in that pumpkin pie I had for dinner?

– Should I write my English paper on “Dog Day Afternoon” or “Friday the 13th”?

– What’s Dana Carvey doing nowadays?

– Why is it raining?


5 responses to “Questions sitting in the back of my mind.

  1. I found that the ideal solution to staying up late was to sleep in the next day. So I rearranged my class schedule to suit that. And when I then found that I preferred not going to class, I dropped out.

    …I am not endorsing this course of action. It’s merely anecdotal.

  2. Dana? He’s in that google phone commercial with Al Gore. šŸ˜›

    Hope all is well, friend.

  3. 1. Your error here is going to bed at all. When I was your age, I’d be up all night, get home at 6am, shower, go to class and then (here’s the beauty) nap in the afternoon before work. Then, repeat. All told, you can do this a lot before you die. I’m 44 and I still do it.

    2. Pumpkin filling, all spice, sugar, condensed milk, and eye of newt.

    3. Dog Day Afternoon, hands down.

    4. Making a mockery of his early promise.

    5. Your sins make the angels weep. ( or so said my insane babysitter when I was 5)

    Hope that helps.

  4. I seem to be doing the first one more than ever and it’s killing me.

  5. i too ask that first one of myself daily. we should get some backing and conduct an official study.

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