Newspaper Writer

I join the college newspaper two weeks ago in attempt to meet some interesting people and stretch some atrophied creative muscle. Saturday, I got an e-mail from the Editor asking me if I could write a “light hearted piece about roommate etiquette”. I graciously accepted the task even though my writing skews more annoyed and sarcastic than “light hearted”.

I labored for roughly 6 hours and half of a particularly boring Advertising class and finished way ahead of deadline. A little help from Friends of Caveman: Green Yogurt and Nutcase 101 made sure that my article didn’t sound like a crazy hobo wrote it.

I sent it through to my Editor on Wednesday, and so far I still haven’t heard anything back.

If I hear good things, my article might just find it’s way here..

EDIT: Last night I finally got a response back… and apparently I did a “good job!”.


4 responses to “Newspaper Writer

  1. Fingers crossed for you, Hollis.

  2. Bravo, sir. Hope to see ti soon.

  3. a crazy hobo, funny. actually i’d like to read stories by a crazy hobo.

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