A Month (give or take a couple of days)

It’s been a month into my stay here at college and I’m still trying to settle in. Still trying to sift through the good and bad on my search for the “just right”. But then again I’ve always been a round peg in a square hole.

Enough with the melodrama…

Classes have been good. My favorite so far is easily the one where I actually get to handle the equipment: Intro to Video. After every time we meet we’re given a loose framework for an assignment and we’re expected to work our creativity around it. It’s great. It really is.

The food ranges from painfully average at times to downright surprising. Cheeseburgers and fries one day, and Blackened Chicken and tortellini the next. That plus the beautifully divey pizza joint 2 miles away that takes meal credits from the school means I eat very well.

The roommate…well…I don’t want to talk about the roommate, but something tells that’s the way it supposed to be. Kinda like an extracurricular assignment that will last until next year (or until I snap).

I’ve been feeling really great…which is something I haven’t been able to say in a while.

(Included is a panorama of my desk view, because I was bored.)



3 responses to “A Month (give or take a couple of days)

  1. Roommates can be hell, to be sure. I had one mediocre-verging-on-terrible roomie, one good one, and after that I was friends with the Housing Director so I got tiny single dorms from then on in. I had a friend who swore he got his doctor to sign an affadavit that he was a chronic masturbator in order to swing a single from day-one.

  2. If you can survive the caf food you can survive anything.

  3. WOOT! i need to catch up with you b/c i knew you moved out of your other house but wasn’t sure of the particulars.

    roommates usually always suck, i’ve never had good luck with them. in their defense, i am VERY hard to live with.

    thanks for blobbing, i’ve missed you!

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