In Which Our Hero Falls In Love…Again

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a very passionate person. I’m passionate about movies and television. I’m passionate about good times and great food. I’m passionate about a lot of things, but nothing more than wanting not to be alone for the rest of my life. Wanting not to be alone for the rest of my life makes what happened recently a roughly tri-annual occurrence.

I was behind the register at work and a woman, who I’ve never seen before, walks through the front door and looks around. Oddly enough the first thing that crosses my mind is “I wonder if she realizes that I’m in love with her”. Everything I witnessed, while I was watching her like some sort of creep, suggested that she was the perfect gal for me. She was smart, (nerdy) stylish, and pretty (oh boy was she pretty).

When she approached the counter to pay for her items (which included plain white bread, and sour gummy worms) I got a little shaky and made some stupid jokes, but she was so sweet and gave me an honest giggled.

Ladies and Gentlemen, she actually GIGGLED at a joke I made! I was smitten.

But for some strange reason when the chance came to seize this moment…I let it go. I let it go and she slipped away into the night like so many other things in my life.


2 responses to “In Which Our Hero Falls In Love…Again

  1. Start small. Leave your name & number on the napkin when you have a cute waitress at a restaurant, and fold it in with the tip. Little semi-anonymous things like that are good first steps.

  2. Maybe she’ll come back… I knew a woman who met her wife when she was bagging groceries at Whole Foods. Every day, this gorgeous woman would come in, grab a carton of yogurt, and carry it through A’s check-out line. This went on for weeks – months, maybe. Finally, A was moving – she knew it was her last chance. “I’m leaving town,” she said. “My going away party is tonight. You want to come?” They’ve been together for more than 10 years. Turns out, all that yogurt was just rotting in the fridge. “I don’t even like yogurt. I just knew I had to see you, and I couldn’t think what else to buy!”

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