Unfortunatly Not A Dead Clown

Late Saturday night I was helping out behind the register at work during a particularly busy patch and out of the corner of my eye I noticed my manager discussing something with a particularly strange customer. I couldn’t make out most of the conversation due to my being uncomfortably focused on the task at hand, but I did pick up that there was something strange out in the parking lot.

For some reason my mind went directly to dead clown.

When things finally calmed down my boss decided to quest out to the parking lot to satisfy all of our morbid curiosities, and seconds later she walks back in with a strange look on her face. “How ’bout you go out there and tell me what you think..”

Quietly preparing myself for discovering a dead clown I walk out the front doors and I see this:



Closer View

For some reason someone had placed a little suitcase and four glass vases in our parking lot at 8 o’clock at night.


Even Closer View

It’s not a dead clown, but it’s almost as beautiful.


2 responses to “Unfortunatly Not A Dead Clown

  1. What does the note say? (If it’s illegible or uninteresting, don’t tell me that – lie and tell me what it should have said.)

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