Breaking News

I just got a letter today…

Apparently, I’ve been accepted.


18 responses to “Breaking News

  1. Congratulations sir.

  2. Very good, young padawan.

  3. I understand Bangor likes having intelligent, imaginative and educated creative-types in their town. If you’re hirsute, all the better.

    Sounds like a great gig. Bravo.

  4. YAY! I’m glad they didn’t hold my recommendation letter against you. 😉

  5. that’s fantastic! you must be really happy. when do you start?

  6. Congrats, dude! Will you still be heading out to Cali this summer?

  7. They knew they’d be fools if they let you go by.

  8. that is so great! yay!


  10. hot damn that’s good news! yay you!

  11. It was the beard. and the sacrifices to Moloch, but still…

  12. Holy crap, man!!! CONGRATS! That is so awesome…

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