Almost There…

I have returned from the land known as Bangor, where I was interviewed in hopes of filling a spot in a college’s video production major. I’m a little shaken, but confidant none the less.

I wake up wicked early, I throw on some of the “nice clothes” (to include my ‘fancy’ tie), and I start the laborious journey north. With 10 minutes until the set meeting time I somehow find my way through the campus and to the visitor’s parking space in front of the main building. Running in semi-frantically while adjusting my shirt cuff I run into the lady I’m supposed to be meeting with.

The interview went pretty great. I just opened my mouth and let my personality/qualifications do all the talking. Whenever I start to over-think things nothing comes out but stupid, but this was a rare exception. After the interview I had to take a 12 minute academic test, and then we took a walk around the campus for a lengthy tour.

My impressions:

  • A more technical/bad-ass program than I’ve seen in most other places.
  • Millions of dollars worth of equipment I can use anytime I want.
  • On campus television studio and fully functioning mobile production unit.
  • Small student body.
  • All Apple computers…all the time.
  • “High Definition” labs. (So cool)
  • Great looking cafeteria.
  • Lots of pretty ladies.

If I did everything right I should hear back from them in 2 to 3 days. Crossing my fingers…


6 responses to “Almost There…

  1. I am rooting for you SO HARD. I really want this to happen, and I feel pretty sure that it will.

  2. I think you should have a themesong. Like “Caveman, Caveman, Caveman, Caveman. Viiiintaaaaage CAAAAVEEEMAAAAAAAN!”

    Sort of a thundering, Basil Poliedorous circa Conan The Barbarian kind of thing, with a Maori men’s chorus roaring the words.

    Just thought you should know.

  3. have my fingers crossed you hear awesome news soon!

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