Goddamn Future!

I haven’t been doing much on the Internet lately. I’ve been pretty busy.

-First, at my work we’re swapping all of our Hewlett-Packard equipment for brand new Kodak stuff and it’s been a pain. Of course, everyday I went to work I wanted to pile everything in the middle of the lab and light it on fire while dancing around it naked, but the hassle of redoing EVERYTHING does not seem worth it to me. Not to mention that I’ve got all my regular customers trained on the old HP digital kiosks to need me as little as possible so they’d leave me alone.

-Finally, I’ve been prepping for the biggest interview of my life. Over the last month or so I’ve been working on transferring from the crappy college that tried to screw me over back in November to a pretty good one that has a program that I’m sure will help me get into a career I want. Unfortunately, in order to dig myself out of purgatory I have to travel through hell, and hell is a mountain of paperwork. Included with that paperwork I had to dig up my horrible High School past, beg some awesome people the write nice things about me, and wax poetic about why I want to do what I want to do…

All of that for tomorrow. Tomorrow I make the two hour journey to the mythical land of Bangor (see: every other Stephen King novel) to be questioned by the “Head of Admissions”. Not to take this lightly but…I’m scared. This interview can easily make my next 50 years and I’m frightened that I’ll do or say something wrong. Or what if I’m just not good enough?

I’m trying to stay confident. I hope that the fact that I was made for this type of thing will show through, and I’ll be a easy choice.


2 responses to “Goddamn Future!

  1. You will make your next 50 years and you’re far too bright and interesting for this admissions person not to notice.

    I’m just saying: be sincere and you can’t go wrong.

  2. I have my fingers crossed that your interview goes well!

    I hate doing interviews for school or work because they never go my way – no matter how positive I think

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