Closing Walls And Ticking Clocks

I bought a new alarm clock a week ago and it’s (dare I say it?) the best alarm clock I have ever owned.

To wake you up the music starts out very soft. It’s so quiet, it actually bores it’s way through your subconscious and incorporates itself in your dreams (which has ruined some very intimate moments). Then it gets slightly louder. To the point where you are not sleeping anymore but are just staring into the back of of your eye lids. Finally, it get so screamingly loud that you’re pretty sure if you don’t shut it off the clock will sprout legs and start kicking you in the face.

Oh, and it has a dock for my iPod.


One response to “Closing Walls And Ticking Clocks

  1. Please send me the info. I have to set the 2 alarms on my clock radio and then 6 alarms on my cell phone to wake up (and I still don’t sometimes!) Also, now that I’ve finally joined the modern era and have myself an iPod, I’ve been looking for some kind of device to dock it to.

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