Stuff From Work

  1. My boss has a weird thing for the ShamWow. Even though people have stopped buying it ages ago we continue to receive package after package… Tomorrow, I’m going to build the castle of ShamWow in our backroom and amass a sort of “Knights of the Round Table”. Together we shall declare war on Vince. (God, I hate you so much…)
  2. What is it about old lady cleavage that once it catches your eye you can’t look away?
  3. I drove home tonight with the a/c on full blast (it about 30 degrees out), while screaming “What’s love got to do with it.” just because it was on the radio. True story.

4 responses to “Stuff From Work

  1. #2 i dunno but it happens.

    #3 i love those type o’ moments but the a/c? are you doing meth now?

  2. ShamWow Vince is fighting the good fight against Scientology, so I have difficulty hating him. He’s an amusing little rat-man.

  3. I’ve always wanted to get a chili pepper tattooed on my boob. That way when I have old lady cleavage it won’t be a nasty wrinkly tattoo, but one of those southwestern decorative dried chilies.

  4. You had me at old lady cleavage.

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