Apparently, I Have Been Un-Qwittered.

A little under a month ago I willingly quit the social networking juggernaut known as Twitter. I was relatively satisfied with my decision and I planned to continue on in a world without a ‘tweet’.

To my surprise, a week or two after my separation from the Internet sensation there was a surge of both private and public outrage. It even got to a point where, the lovely, sunleyemrys took up the cause and circulated a petition to get me back.

It appears that once again I have underestimated the fact that I am indeed a likeable person, and am not some ogre who lives under a bridge.

I have decided to return to Twitter…but before I do I have some demands that have to be agreed to.

  • Expect a lot less ‘tweeting’ than before.
  • I will not follow any celebrities and/or Twitter celebrities. (This includes you, Wil Wheaton.)
  • I refuse to RT.
  • When referring to me anywhere else on the Internet the link will be to my blog not my Twitter. I’m a blogger first, and Twitter-er second.
  • I require at least one “Stevie’s Home” greeting a month.
  • I want to be at least number 13 in the Hot Blogger Calendar Contest.
  • And be aware that I’ll probably quit again.

10 responses to “Apparently, I Have Been Un-Qwittered.

  1. YAHOOOOOO I win! ^-^

  2. Also…

    YAY CAVEY’S HOME YAY CAVEY! *throws confetti*

    Happy now? 😛

  3. What the hell is an RT?

  4. ill be refollowing you!

  5. Wow, I signed a petition and it actually worked!

  6. Are we automatically still following you?

  7. So glad that you’re back!

  8. an ogre? you are a nut and that means a lot coming from a nut. glad you’ll be twittering again!

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