I’ll be the first (but not the last) to admit that I know everything about nothing, and nothing about everything. Even though I’ve graduated High School and am currently attending College I feel I stand at roughly 5% of the knowledge required to survive the day to day operations of an “average” individual.

To get by so I don’t totally look like I’m stumbling through out life (more than I do already) I seek out information in the hopes that it’ll one day better me (fingers crossed). Whenever I get a chance to I always ask someone who knows more than me on the subject (which I find is a startling large amount of people), I research it on the Internet (which is where I ‘learned’ how to sew), or I buy a book on the subject.

I own alot of books.

That said, I recently remembered to buy a book I wanted to own ever since I started blogging: “No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog” by the lovely Margaret Mason.

ideas_smlThe book goes through the different ways you can develop a post without getting stuck in the traditional blog sink-holes like…well…being dull. Everything is beautifully researched and thought out to the point of showing detailed examples of how other, more successful (than me) blogs utilized the information listed.

Maggie Mason is a great writer who I’ve been following for about 2 and a half years now (which is more than I’ve been blogging) and has a full 5 star “Caveman Approval”.

(Yes. I went through all of that to tell you about a book I just bought. What of it?)


2 responses to “Greed

  1. I have that book and obviously rarely refer to it. I’m sure it says to stop talking so damn much about your pets.

    I don’t find that you’re boring, but that might be because I’m boring! Ha!

  2. That looks pretty awesome, actually. I’m putting it on my Amazon wishlist. Thanks!

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