Happy Birthday

I got to talk to my  brother for the first time in ages the other day, and despite whatever rocky history we’ve shared in the past I can actually say that I miss him. Weird.

Back in March of ’08 my brother and his girlfriend took the big leap and moved from Maine to Arizona without any sense of a safety line. He was never a big fan of the weather and the fear of being stuck here kept him from ever being happy (a fear we share) so he did the only logical thing…he escaped. With a year away in the sun and a polar opposite landscape he is doing awesome things, and based on the conversation we had a couple days ago I think I can easily say that my brother is actually satisfied with where he is at.

Plans are currently being made for me to visit him and his, cooler-than-he-is, girlfriend. Mainly to see what’s so interesting about Arizona, but also to rub in the fact that I can grow facial hair better than him.

Happy Birthday, Jon. You bastard, I respect the hell out of you.

(Also, the jerkface joins Twitter two weeks before I quit and does not give me the chance to publicly mock him like the good old days. What is up with that?)


2 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. Happy birthday to your brother. What is his Twitter ID?

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