I just came back from the first showing of the first day that the movie “Watchmen” entered our minds and movie theaters (+10 nerd cred), and I think I liked it quite a bit.

I don’t want to force too much of my own oppinion into such a highly debated movie, so I’ll just say this: When transporting a book into film things will be taken out and things will be put in…I’ve accepted that unavoidable fact. This movie does a fantastic job of staying as true as possible to what the graphic novel means to everyone who’s read it over the years. The only people who will nit-pick it based on the source material are the worst kind of fanboy.

That said, the guy who played Rorschach, Jackie Earle Haley, was fucking awsome.



One response to “Wrath

  1. JEH is a pretty great actor. My husband has been saying so since he saw him in the original Bad News Bears – glad to hear he’s a highlight. 🙂

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