Most of the men in my family were born with the outstanding ability to command the attention of the fairer sex. I suspect that I also retain whatever genes that allow this, but I was also fortunate to be born a stuttery, socially awkward nerd. Although, since my junior year of high school I’ve grow leaps and bounds out of the awkward department I still have a hard time talking to women outside of a loose, and comfortable social setting. If you find me when I’m comfortable…try to stop me from being charming.

Even when just typing out e-mails or commenting on blogs by pretty Internet girls I find myself getting more self-conscious and I actually catch myself s-s-stuttering.

It’s a problem. I’m working on it.


3 responses to “Lust

  1. I think the secret is to practice talking to girls you are not interested in. Not chatting them up (don’t be a liar!), just TALKING to them. Once you get comfortable having female friends, the rest will be easier. (Not EASY. I can’t set a bad example by lying to you moments after telling you not to be a liar.)

  2. annika’s comment cracked me up and i agree with her idea too. practice on people. stuttering isn’t something that’s ever bothered me. in fact, my husband does it on occasion as have some other boys i’ve dated.

    i think of it as you are talking to an authentic person. i have a man friend that stutters until he’s up in front of a bunch of people and it stops. that’s weird eh?

    the more confident you become with yourself from the inside the more others will recognize that and you’ll get an overall awesome result. i speak from experience of being a former wallflower shy person (i swear!).

  3. As long as you’re not as bad as Raj on Big Bang Theory.

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