Feed The Caveman.

It’s been suggested recently, that according to one of my recent posts, I eat nothing but crap. I hate to nit-pick a rather well weathered meal plan, but kinda agree and I think it’s about time I changed some things up a bit.

Sometimes (most of the time) it’s tough eating right. I don’t make a lot of money, and the decent sized discount I get from my work doesn’t help the cause any…all the food is packed empty calories (like I like it) and sodium. I spend the majority of the time in the grocery store is thumbing through the prices, and I’ve come to the conclusion that cheap food doesn’t come in a healthy variety.

Plus it’s not like I can take the time to cook a fancy meal with all those crazy side dishes like…vegetables. Both my brother and sister at some point in their lives expressed an interest in making a career out of cooking and I personally can not care less about it. Usually when I make something to eat, “quick and easy” are preferred over “probably not going to kill me eventually”

With all that in consideration I ask you, the Internet, to help me out. I’m pretty sure you know more than me in the healthy/cheap food department, so if you offer a recipe, meal plan, or a basic jumping off point I will try it, honest. It might event make it’s way on to a blog post of it’s own.

Mi kitchen es su kitchen. I want to change, and I’m willing to learn if you will teach.

So, Internet please be kind and help feed the Caveman.

Feel free to post any suggestions you have in the comments, or e-mail them to vintagecaveman (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you much.


9 responses to “Feed The Caveman.

  1. You are in luck! I am the queen of eating healthy foods on a very very very tight budget.

    Rice and beans. You can do SO MUCH with just those two ingredients. If you need a quickie meal, get one of those packages of pilaf or dirty rice or red beans and rice or something. Zataran’s is fairly cheap and I bet there’s a knock-off brand. If you have time to make your own, brown rice has tons of vitamins – the short grain stuff tastes better than long grain. The secret to cooking rice is to treat it like pasta. Put it in a LOT of water and boil it with the lid off until it’s done, then drain it (you can leave a little water) and put it back in the pan with the lid on for five minutes to fluff up.

    Get a veggie on your pizza. I like peppers. Put frozen spinach in with your mac and cheese.

    If you eat ramen, doctor it. Get a jar of garlic paste and add a spoonful; pour in a splash of vinegar (balsamic or red wine) and a little olive oil; add frozen peas and corn. (Note: I did all of these things together every time I ate ramen in college. Yum.)

    Want mashed potatoes? Buy sweet potatoes instead of regular. Use real butter – margarine is terrible for you.

    I think the idea that healthy food is too expensive is just a rumor started by the fast food industry. It does not have to be. You just have to get creative. I know that’s much harder if you’re not inclined toward cooking, but I am happy to help with that part. Seriously, just email or IM me if you need help.

  2. Smoothies. If you have a blender, this is the easiest way to get some nutrition. Here’s my green smoothie recipe:

    – 1/2 cup frozen spinach
    – 1 to 1 1/2 cups of orange juice
    – 1 banana

    Put the spinach in your blender, add the OJ, blend. Once you’ve got the spinach blended, add the banana. Blend.

    The OJ & banana sweeten the drink and keep it from tasting too green.

    You can sub frozen ingredients for the OJ and the banana. Use juice concentrate and ice instead of fresh juice or use frozen berries instead of a banana.

    No “cooking” involved!

  3. Katherine’s suggestion is an excellent one. I use frozen berries, orange juice, and yogurt, as well as fresh spinach (NEVER frozen, trust me).

  4. I do the smoothie thing too and add in non-fat plain yogurt, which can be pretty cheap if you buy the store brand when it’s on sale.

  5. as cliche as this sounds, start small instead of trying to do it full blast.

    i started with just trying to eat a decent and huge breakfast. oatmeal is dirt cheap if you don’t buy the fancy scottish cut kind (or the quaker oats instant small packets with fake flavours). you can add real fruit and milk/sugar if you feel like eating a cereal-type breakfast or switch it up with some scrambled eggs, veggies and bacon other days.

    i used to be a crappy eater myself (my mom can’t make anything decent aside from cabbage rolls, apple pie, and pickled vegetables). once you notice that you actually feel better and the food you do eat actually lasts longer, you’ll want to keep doing it.

  6. Hi. To feed your inner six year old, pb&j on multi-grain bread (white bread is not healthy, pretty much any sort of bread other than white is better) with banana slices.

    If you eat a lot of pasta, get the Barilla Plus (yellow box) – it’s healthier than regular pasta.

  7. Ramen is your FRIEND!!

    I use to cook the noodles (you boil them in case you’re wondering) and then drain the water – just like you do pasta. While the water is boiling, I’d heat up half a package of frozen mixed veggies (less if you’re not a veggie lover like me).

    Also, in a sautee pan, I’d cook a chicken breast – typically frozen and defrosted (thanks Mom for slipping me a $20 for food). Once everything is cooked, I’d toss the noodles into the pan with the chicken, add the veggies and take the seasoning packing and sprinkle it on all over the veggies, ramen and chicken. Cheap and yummy lo mein.

  8. Ramen is your friend until you realize that it’s ability to stave off hunger is grossly over-rated and that there many more healthy and cheap things out there to eat.

    I suspect this “Ramen is cheap and nutritious” thing was spread by the same people responsible for labelling Kraft Dinner as cheap and Walmart as an affordable place to shop.

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