Über mich

No new post today because I spent the majority of my time and energy finally write a decent “About Me” for this blog. To be honest it was less “write” and more write and re-write…and re-write.

In my opinion “About Me” supposed to be a relatively objective post about me and what I’m about…and I tried to be honest and interesting as possible. My main problem was that honest and interesting quickly faded into nervous and boastful. I let that first draft sit for about an hour or two.

The second time I attacked my “About Me” I was a little more confident with what I thought I wanted to say. The problem this time around was the “confidence” I had stemmed from a place where I thought I could inject a lot of humor. Anybody with a decent sense of humor can tell you that if you intentionally overload something with funny it ultimately turns out to be….well…not funny. The second draft sat on the blog for roughly a half hour (and that was only because I had to go to the store).

Once I finally got a chance to re-read draft 2 I was on the cusp of vomiting in rage. Everything was deleted, and I even considered not doing anything more with it. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and I think I actually ended up writing a pretty kick-ass “About Me” this time around. Well…at least until I take another look at it.

How about you take a look at it and tell what you think about it?


One response to “Über mich

  1. this is a keeper, “on the cusp of vomiting in rage”.

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