I Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Shop For Myself

I went to the grocery store today and bought:

  • 3 packages of “Cup Noodle” (BEEF Flavor)
  • A box of fancy bacon wrapped steak hors d’overs
  • 2 boxes of small “Red Baron” peperoni pizza
  • A 64oz bottle of ketchup
  • A 8-pack of Fruit Punch Powerade
  • and two bottles of Diet Coke

7 responses to “I Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Shop For Myself

  1. Hey, at least you got Diet Coke instead of Vanilla Coke. 😀

  2. wow i couldnt eat anything in your house. vegetarian. 😉

  3. Are you eating that because you’re poor or because you hate yourself? 😉 None of that qualifies as food.

    If you are poor, please let me know, because you can eat better than flav-o-paks. Pinky swear.

    • Mostly because I’m poor, but we can’t discount the likely possibility that I hate myself.

      ….I think it’s roughly 90 to 10.

  4. I can give you suggestions that are about as cheap but pack a lot more nutrition (as in: any.) Again, if you want. Don’t mean to be a food yenta.

    • I will gladly take any food advice you have to give, Slack. Anything has to be an improvement over my squalor inspired, bachelor chow.

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