Dear Internets

I like you and almost everyone involved with you an awful lot. Most of the time nothing makes me happier than to wake up and see your smiling face looking back at me saying things like “Hey, you got a comment on your blog!”, “There’s a new trailer out for that Batman video game you’ve been looking forward to.”, and even “Look at this video featuring a sack-full* of kittens riding a Roomba.”.

I’ve even almost come to the point in my life were I abandon the thought of me wanting to be alive in the 60’s (my ideal era). If I were alive in the 60’s and I wanted to see…let’s say…2001: A Space Odyssey in the movie theater, how would I know what the Rotten Tomatoes was (96%) and where would I write a cleverly witty yet respectably honest post about it.

In Conclusion: You are awesome, Internets. Give me a hug.

(On second thought: a hug from the entirety of the Internets sounds painful and oddly sexual…How about a high five?)

*Official measurement


2 responses to “Dear Internets

  1. Roomba kittehs just made me SO HAPPY. They look like they’re on a ride a Six Flags.

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