Maybe I should go to bed soon…

On late nights such as this I often find myself randomly clicking through links that I find on Twitter in hopes of coming up with to hold my interest for more than a minute. Tonight was looking like it was going to be another snooze fest…until I discovered this “tweet”. I clicked on the link it provided and was instantly confronted with a terrible music video starring a French-Canadian “singer” by the name of Pierre Nadeau.

The video was like a car crash…it was so horrific and painful to watch but I couldn’t stop. About mid-way through I had almost regained my composure and started to inch toward the x button. Suddenly something flashes on the screen that grabs attention.

You can see it a 2:51 to 2:55

If you’re not able to see the video, I’m talking about this:nadeau

A quick ‘jaunt’ around my Flickr account and I discover this photo I took while walking around my hometown last February:saint

Ladies, and Gentlemen I am one hundred percent certain that the church in this bad music video and the Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul (a church I attended for at least 12 years when I still believed in religion) are one in the same. A fact, may I add, that I’d have no idea about if it wasn’t the odd intricacies of the Internet.

Thank you, Internet…you really creep me out.


4 responses to “Maybe I should go to bed soon…

  1. holy crap, that is a terrible video. *i* could’ve made a better video than that and as you know that isn’t saying much.

    another reason why i too love the internet. it makes me feel normal.

  2. i like this layout. keep it.

  3. Dude, I am the most boring twitterer, so I apologize for that.

  4. HA! I looved that video, man! And the swimsuits bring me back to my 80’s childhood days on the beach…if only I had had a bunch of hot chicks with high hair to play tug of war with… 🙂

    And that church thing is just weird…wow!

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