I wanted to hold off writing about the whole Obama thing until the uproarious celebration that has gripped the Internet passed but as a wise man once said: “Fuck it..”.

It would be tough not to see that January the 20th was an incredibly historic day no matter what age, creed, race, or political affiliation. President Obama makes me proud to be a citizen of this country, and not just because he could be the personification of a new America, but to things like

  1. the return to intellectualism in government
  2. the embracing of technology and the new culture it provides
  3. and the sheer fact that I voted for him.

The vote I had cast for POTUS Obama (or Bamers as I like to call him)was the first time I EVER voted for ANYTHING and that conection to the whole “process” made things more real for me. For the first time ever I had a fighter in the ring and that made me so happy.

I know that Bamers is just a politician and all politicians by definition are really bad people but I’m going to have to give him the benifit of the doubt. What could be worse than the last 8 years anyways?

…Oh, and how excited are you for Coraline? I can’t wait. Stop-motion facinates the hell out of me.


One response to “Relief

  1. I’m totally excited about “Coraline.” I’m not too manly to admit that the book (yes, the children’s book) creeped me out a lot.

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