My Super Heroes

The request for donations to aid in my school troubles was withdrawn at January 1st at 12:00pm (PST). Unfortunately this is not a a call for celebration as I hoped for when I originally set the deadline. I’m a third of the way to the original goal and on a plan Z that involves trying to draw out my deadline as long as possible.

But this isn’t about my failure, it’s about you guys.

After my post calling for any sort of help possible (to include Christmas cards) there was a overwhelming wave of support from loyal readers, twitter friends, and a ton of “Friends of Caveman”. I was literally taken aback by the comments on the post, the emails, and the Christmas cards sent to my house waiting to make me believe in the spirit of Christmas again.

You guys are awesome! I love you and you immediate family. If there is ANYTHING I can do the repay such generosity and kindness don’t be afraid to ask (I don’t do windows).

(Added note: If you were one of those mentioned above you have been added to the list of Honorary Cavemen (or Cavewomen) for Life.)


One response to “My Super Heroes

  1. damn, i don’t do windows either. i was hoping that when you come for your summer tour you could do that.

    but can you fix cars?

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