I Love Your Blog

About two months ago I was graciously given the “I Love Your Blog” award from the ever fantastic Daily Piglet, and I thought it would be a great idea to pass it on.

There is no specific order to the list, and I would also to make clear that I LOVE EVERYONE in my blogroll. If I didn’t LOVE EVERYONE in my blogroll they wouldn’t on it.

Perils of assimilation – There is always that rare blog that you enjoy, but no one else knows about. Perils of assimilation and it’s proprietor (Liz) are smart, witty, and have the sensibilities of an old world traveler. If there is only one new blog you can visit today please make it this one.

Sevenlies – Karen is truly a nerd after my own heart. She is well versed in all things that make me happy that I myself am a geek to the point that she was even appointed as a geek girl to, the now defunct, Antisocial Networking. When the time comes to buy my first Palm I will be surely consulting her.

Nutcase 101 – I didn’t find out about Nutcase 101 until late into my blogging ‘career’, but I quickly discovered that she and I share similar sensibilities. If you like me and what I do here you’ll probably like her better (but please don’t leave me).

make. see. eat. do. – I joyously discovered Tomas and his wife Christine during the writers’ strike when Tomas and the Slackmistress shared a favorite picketing spot. Since then the man has had a move that he wrote premiere on MTV and come out on DVD (How cool is that?). The blog is honestly written, and focuses on the 4 basic joys in life: making, seeing, eatting, and doing. Go there and you will not be disapointed (Trust me, I’m Caveman).

SnarkyDork – Jodi is easily one of my first major “blog friends” and a solidly great blogger. She’s funny, creative, and a lover of all animals. Anyways, I’ve already written in great amounts about her already, so you should already know. Stop reading this and visit her NOW.

and of course Daily Piglet, but she gave me the award so don’t think I can give it back.

(Everyone is fully “Caveman Approved”. Feel free to steal this since I stole it from someone else.)


4 responses to “I Love Your Blog

  1. i don’t care *what* you write, i know that i am your favoritist 😉

    KIDDING! please, no one come to my house and kill me from your jealousy.

  2. Aw, geez, you are so nice! I’ve been feeling guilty about being a lazy, crappy blogger lately. It seems when life gets hectic, meaning I probably have something of substance to write about, I’m just too tired or have no time. Thanks for hanging in there though and thanks for the shout-out. Even though I stole the name of your next hamster for my guinea pig!

  3. This can only be summed up in one word: OMG! 😀

    Caveman, thank you so much for the love. Sometimes I feel like I’m shouting to the walls when I write in my blog. Reading this from you makes me so happy, you have no idea. I would certainly help you tech shop any day of the week.

  4. Dude! Thank you so much for the shout out! You got me all verklempt, man. Seriously, really nice description of what Christine and I are trying to do with our blog. Thanks!! Also, dying to check out the rest of the blogs on your list…so cool!

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