This is it.

It’s the end of the oh so special NaBloPoMo (or NaBlaBlaBla it your not a fan of abbreviations). This means I won’t be posting as often from now on, but as we learned from the last month: I suck at writing things everyday. I do hope that within my sea of crappy posts there are a few gems that one day you can show to your children and say “That was Caveman”.

Tune in next month to witness my struggle against Christmas spirit, and the hilarity that will no doubt result.

Your friend,



4 responses to “This is it.

  1. It’s December 2. Get blogging.

  2. What? I can’t take a vacation?

  3. i disagree with that comment, “I suck at writing things everyday”.

    don’t stop before the good happens, no one hits it out of the park on the first try, or second, etc. ira glass? took him YEARS to become who he is, true story.

  4. Congrats on making it through. I’ve done it and it’s not easy!

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