My Problem With Thanksgiving / 681 R.I.P. / Thanks

My problem with Thanksgiving is that I have no idea why I have a problem with Thanksgiving (Does that make any sense?). I like seeing my relatives, I like eating food, and I like eating food I didn’t have to buy. What is wrong with me?

I don’t even mind those little techniques the family uses to get under my skin and crawl around anymore. See, in my family we don’t hate we discriminate. Your position in the holiday hierarchy is decided by what you’ve accomplished and what you will accomplish. My parents, my aunts, and uncles stay relatively the same all year because they’ve settled into a career path but their spawn (my cousins, me, and my siblings) are expected to constantly jockey for position. I don’t worry that much, I told them 7 years ago I wanted to be a filmmaker and they stopped asking questions. If they ever show any interest I bring up the fact that Steven Spielberg started his film career as a camera guy/sound tech. for porn.

I hope you’re going to have better time than I will

Have A Happy Thanksgiving.

In other news: Bruce Wayne (aka-Batman) is dead.

There was no body shown so I am hopeful for for a shitty DC fake-out. If it is for sure I hope my wounds can heal with time. I’ve got the issue if you want to borrow it…it was awesome.

Neil from Citzen of the Month started a tradition four years ago where he thanks a first commenter on this day every year. I’d like to take this time to give thanks to Will Betheboy, who took a shot and commented on a post of mine that mentioned him and his future wife.

Thanks Will. You rock.


One response to “My Problem With Thanksgiving / 681 R.I.P. / Thanks

  1. No sir, the man who rocks is you. You add joy to a cruel world.

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