Finally. (Or The Era Of Cool Jerk In Maine Has Begun)

Today, I finally got my package chock full of Cool Jerk goodness from Paul Horn. Everything received is so amazing I literally crapped a horse (like Mr. Horn predicted) and I named him Paul.

I read a ton of comics online. The medium of the Internet allows creativity to blossom and the art form to be spread to people that would have no idea it even existed. I enjoy the standards like Garfield, Peanuts and Dilbert, but I also love offbeat Internet only standards like xkcd, A Softer World and Penny Arcade. With all these great pieces of art to chose from I go back to Cool Jerk every time.

(I know I’m rambling, but I don’t care.)


As you can see Cool Jerk volumes one and two (Hodabeast and Chickadoowa, respectively) literally drip with kickassitude…(Is kickassitude a word? It should be. It really fits the situation well.) Each book carries the greatness and uniqueness that characters like Armpit, Puppy, Manhattan, Goremonger, and the rest of the gang could bring to such an awesome comic.

The cool thing is that my copies are even personalized. Check it out:


It’s a drawing of Puppy, my favorite Cool Jerk character, drawn into both books. How cool is that? That wasn’t even the topper to my day. The topper was my own personalized icon by Paul.


That’s me…and a Tor Johnson me.

In conclusion:

  • Paul Horn = great artist and friend of Caveman,
  • Cool Jerk = comic strip you have to check out now (I command you),
  • and today fucking rocked

(Sorry if this seems rushed, I’m half way through Hodabeast and I dreaded putting it down to write this.)

The end.


10 responses to “Finally. (Or The Era Of Cool Jerk In Maine Has Begun)

  1. That would be pretty awesome regardless, but the TOR FUCKING JOHNSON icon kicks it up to eleven.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know the backstory to the Tor look. Sweet.

    Kickassitude can be a work if douchebaggery can be a word. And since I use douchebaggery all the time, I think you’re ok.

  3. I’m going to have to call the USPS because when I sent those books, THEY READ LEFT TO RIGHT!! WTF?

  4. Horn- I lost the SD card for my camera, so I took all the pictures with my Macbook’s web cam. I hoped no one would notice that, but it appears that I hope for crazy things..

  5. I thank you again, sir.

  6. Cool Jerk is cool. In fact, he bought one of MY silly, self-published rodent-centric poetry books when I saw him the other day. I really need to purchase his stuff…

  7. Jodi- YOUR “silly, self-published rodent-centric poetry books” are next on my list.

  8. that’s all very awesome stuff mr. caveman sir. i do love the new icon, been meaning to say…

    p.s. i went right to cool jerk after you commanded it. i promise.

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