Caveman’s Most Visited, Alphabetically.

I like Firefox for at least a hundred different reasons, but one of the things I find make my day easier is the categorization of the most visited sites in the address bar by letter (I’m a very simple person). I find it fasinating what websites I visit more often than others, and because I have nothing important to write about I give you a list from A to Z. (Hey, it was either this or a video with singing bunnies. Which doesn’t mean I won’t post it eventually)

(Caveman Approved)


11 responses to “Caveman’s Most Visited, Alphabetically.

  1. Note: The blogs depicted on the list are not necessarily my favorite. They just draw me into their site from Google Reader more often than others.

    I love all of you guys.

  2. What are you buying at Zappos? I must know!

  3. Why don’t we ever get to see photos of the shoes you buy at Zappos?

  4. sizzle- Because I’m pretty sure no one has any interest in that.

  5. Those Converse are badass.

  6. You’re a Chucks kind-of guy? I LOVE IT!

  7. Thanks for the disclaimer above. I was going to be hurt. 😉 Actually, most of those blogs are FAR better than mine, which I rarely even update anymore. And yeah, in the S category, I can not even be compared to Slack!

  8. Jodi- Trust me. You’re an unbelievably close second.

  9. i’m pretty sure i want to see shoes you’ve purchased goddamnit.

    and YAY i’m at the top o’ your list! wait, they aren’t in order of favorites. liar 😉

  10. i have not ONE idea why but i got a zappos catalog in the mail today. how could it be? i like shoes but not “catalog worthy like”.

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