Do you like candy corn?

If you feel moved either way make sure you express your opinion in the comments.


5 responses to “Do you like candy corn?

  1. I’m especially fond of the attempts to make candy corn “boutique.” Target, for instance, is constantly trying to throw out different flavors on holidays, like chocolate mint or strawberry lime. Regardless, it’s still kind of gross.

  2. YES! But only the real stuff, none of those impostors in the wrong colors.

  3. Candy corn is the best. But I don’t like the kind with the brown at the bottom. blech.

  4. I’d have to say that I actually LOVE it. I was pleased to find some bags of it for 34-cents the other day! I prefer the Brach’s for sure.

  5. this reminded me that i have wanted to put up a poll on my blog for a long time, just haven’t come up with the perfect reason to yet 😉

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