I was really hoping to get a package today because I really need something to write about. See, Paul Horn is a fantastic artist, a “Friend-Of-Caveman”, and creator of the greatest comic on the Internet to date: Cool Jerk (which can be found here).

I finally got a chance to purchase the first two volumes of Mr. Horn’s Cool Jerk recently, and they’re taking the normal amount getting here but because of this NaBlaBlaBla thing (there…I said it) I was hoping to possibly get them a day or two early so I could write a kick ass post about them. Oh, well…

Kick ass post will come as soon as my package gets here. I can’t wait!

I wrote this entire post just for the title.

Weekend Assignment…Completed.

I see your hooligans and raise you a shenanigans.


3 responses to “Hooligans

  1. I saw him mail the package on Saturday. Swear.

  2. I trust you. I’m just like a kid on Chirstmas Eve-Eve. I can’t freaking wait!

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