Finally; What I Did Monday.

Monday, I went two hours north to check out  the University of Maine. I eventually have to transfer to finish out my degree, and UMaine invited me so I guess it’s very opportune. I’ve been taking classes close to my hometown for almost two years now and I’m really in need of a change.

The trip wasn’t so bad. UMaine is located in Orono which is right next to Bangor (a favorite location of Stephen King) so there are major highways all the way up. Lots of pit stops, shopping areas, and tourist attracting visitor centers.

I wasn’t looking for much in a college, just a major that encompassed video production and writing for media (and maybe a minor in theater) so anything on top of that was a plus. Most of the event was geared towards High School seniors so I was left to hangout most of the time. Lucky for me, while hanging out I bumped into the chairman of the New Media major.

New Media is the exact major that attracted me to UMaine, and encompasses everything from digital filmmaking, to photography, to writing for new media, and even graphic design. The major is designed to “cast a wide net” on developing technologies and careers. I believe the chairman of the major even said something about blogging…how cool is that?

The campus is a very open place, and kind of reminded me of the town from Back to the Future. Most of buildings were built in 1912, and are spread out over a really large section of land. Most importantly though, there are three halls that have cafeterias in them. Three of them!

At the end of the trip I was lucky enough to get a meeting with the Admissions officer in charge of Transfers, and we discussed some things. She told me nothing could stop me from transferring in by the fall. Awesome…

After the 2 hour drive home I went to bed and slept for a while.


5 responses to “Finally; What I Did Monday.

  1. Yay! That is great news. My (late) friend Mark did New Media at UMaine. He loved it.

  2. Sounds really good, except for the two-hour drive. Though since you’re not in Southern California, you probably went further than three miles in those two hours – silver lining!

  3. I like the fact that the town reminds you of Hill Valley. You should purchase a DeLorean and transfer immediately.

  4. JT, where I’m going I don’t need any roads. (I always wanted to say that…)

    Thanks everyone!

  5. that bangor place is also a favorite of the bob and sheri show AND their listeners. those “bangors” sound like a fun bunch that would give you lots to blog about 😉

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