A Dream Deferred

Just about everyone who knows me knows one my biggest dreams it to use my “Vintage Caveman” title to become a big corporate shill. Not one of those souless “I’ll promote anything” corporate shills but the kind, friendly, honest shill who does it only to get to play with free stuff and the occational perk.

I’ve never been closer to that dream than a couple of days ago and I turned it down. I would have loved to get my hands on the piece of pure gadgetry I was offer to test run, but the thing that stood out in my mind was: “What if I fucking broke it?”.

My fears were nudged in the wrong direction when I asked a friend, who’s opinion means a lot to me, her thoughts on the deal and she mentioned that she too was afraid of breaking such an expensive device (without any prompting).

I tried to push the thoughts of me destroying this device and then being sold into slave labor to pay for my grave mistake, but it couldn’t be helped. The point was driven further into my skull when I sent the agreement, and it was stated clearly that if I broke the bastard I would have to pay: $234.67.

Not going to happen….I mean I had to become a pirate to pay my college bills.


6 responses to “A Dream Deferred

  1. Dying to know what the gadget is/was!

  2. do you often break things?
    is it a pattern?
    why would you think you’d break something?

  3. Jodi- It was so awesome that it would be easier just to tell you what it didn’t do.

    Piglet- I don’t do it on purpose. I’m just habitually clumsy.

  4. i drop things too, i think it means we have well-above average intelligence. in fact, any habit that plagues us can all be chalked up to well-above average intelligence.

  5. i thought i was done but evidently not.

    could they not have had you sign a legal paper stating that if it got dropped you couldn’t be held responsible? or were they like if you drop this and break it, you’ll have to pay for it?

    forgive my spanish inquisition, i’m bad about wanting to learn things. i mean you no harm 😉

  6. Piglet- It’s fine.
    It was a legal dealy that basically said that if I didn’t return the item in close to the same condition I got it in I’d have to pay.

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