Maledizione Del Dio Esso*

I’ve been considerably busy over the last couple of weeks. With learning how do my new job correctly, mid-terms, and those little complications life throws at us because it has a sick sense of humor I found it difficult sit and organize my thoughts like this. I’m here now.

-Work has been fun.  I’m learning how to develop and process film and it’s been incredibly easy so far. The people I work with have been really nice. Winning my co-workers have been pretty easy considering the Caveman charm makes everyone happy.

The single coolest part of the job is that I have to wear a big white lab coat whenever I’m on lab duty. The coat gives out a halo of importance that makes me a little drunk off my own power and influence. On late nights I can be found running through the aisles like Superman on ecstasy.

-Now is one of the four times of the year I hate the most: mid-term (the other three are finals, mid-term, and finals). I dragged through about 75% of them (I’m pretty sure I aced my “Film as Literature” test) and now I just have Creative Writing left.

My Creative Writing is a 15 page “Creative Non-Fiction” story due the 30th. I figure if I can get 3 pages done a day, I’ll have enough time to revise it all by the 29th…Either that or I will jump off a cliff.

-With all that’s going on I find out about this.

I giving up sleep starting….now

*”God Damn It”


2 responses to “Maledizione Del Dio Esso*

  1. Oh I’m glad your digging your job. And yes wearing the lab coat is awsome. Makes you feel like a scientist.

    Don’t worry about your studies I’m sure you’ll get thru everything.

    And I think you should you apply for the blog scholarship.

  2. i’m with cinchy, can’t you still submit your blog up for approval?

    i am very impressed that you are making the job a fun thing! all that “school-ey” stuff sounds hard 🙂

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