Late Notice

Oh…I got a phone call from CVS today.

I got a job at the photo lab.



7 responses to “Late Notice

  1. Hey thats great! Your going love looking at everybodys porn pictures *lol*

    Miss you on twitter, Are you getting your studies done?

  2. awesome! i knew you’d ace it. did you wear new panties for the interview?

  3. p.s. i’ve meant to tell you that i really like the new look you’ve got here. very pleasing to the eye it is.

  4. Cinchy- I forgot about that! My studies may be lacking from here on out.

    dailypiglet- 1. Yes, I did crack open a new pair underpants, per you suggestion. 2. You like it? I was worried it would be overly white.

  5. Congrats! My cousin does the same job and likes it. She just transferred to the job here in L.A. from the east coast. So…when you move out here some day…

  6. As a raging racist, I can assure you that nothing can be overly white.

    Sorry, terrible joke there, but I’m running on about 6 hours sleep over three days.

  7. JT- I’ve done that before. Have you gotten to the point where everything gets fuzzy, like tv snow, yet? That’s always the funnest.
    Try spinning around in circles. If you don’t vomit, you’ll have a hell of a time.

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