With Poisoned Pen

(Note: I have no idea what I’m trying to say with this, and am pretty sure it’s pretty boring. You get a free pass on reading this, if you want…)

Late, last night I was in my ‘serious’ writing corner listening to some loud music, and flipping through my papers to make sure I had finished everything. Unfortunately for me I had one little nugget of annoyance left…a relay writing exercise for my “Creative Writing” class.

“Relay writing” in essence is alot like that game you’d play around the campfire. The story is established by the professor, is expanded upon for about two paragraphs, and then is email to another person. The problem is that I got my relay essay, opened it up to give it a look, and discovered the people who worked on it before me did a piss poor job.

There was no understanding of the characters or of the cadence, and a general straying from the solid establishing story. What was I to do?

Bang! It hit me!…Negate EVERYTHING by claiming “dream sequence”.

So there I went, like a 1930’s reporter with a big scoop and a limited deadline. Hammering at my typewriter, sweat rolling down my forehead, I paused only to ‘twenty three skeedoo’ and shake my fists in anger at the Kaiser. Finally, after all of that, I got to producing what I believe is an adequate representation of what a fuck-you-everyone-who-worked-on-this-before-me could possibly be.


4 responses to “With Poisoned Pen

  1. Relay writing sounds like a NIGHTMARE.

  2. 1. Is it too late to drop that class?
    2. Good save, dude.

  3. Slack- My professor basicly tells me to get enveloped in this little world, and love the characters…then hand my “little world” to someone to do whatever they want with it. I don’t know about everyone else but I shutter to think what Frankenstein-ish nightmare my creations have become.

    Annika- It’s too late, in a way. I’ve already put too many hours to turn around now…no matter how much I want to.

  4. um, i think that’s a pretty awesome inspiration for your “plan of attack”.

    as well, i like the idea that it’s a bit of a writing “nightmare”, in order for you stretch your writing muscles as far as possible.

    you came up with a solution that sounds reasonable, stretching your brain muscles/your creativity muscles and hopefully without you getting a headache.

    just so’s you know, you are missed.

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