Blinded With Stupidity

I’ve been doing the “loner” thing at the college so long, I actually got kind of irritated when a cute girl wanted to sit down at my table and talk to me. I was thinking “What does she want? I’m trying to listen to my podcasts”.

World, I present to you: Moron McStupid-Face.


5 responses to “Blinded With Stupidity

  1. i get protective like that with my podcasts, i assume others can tell i’m wearing my invisibility cloak and won’t speak to me 🙂

  2. I miss you on Twitter! Are you getting your papers done?

  3. Cinchy- I’m doing my best…I hope.

  4. I have three handsome sons and not a female in sight. Thanks for letting me know what’s up. *sigh* Too. Many. Toys.

  5. kellypea- I’m glad at least someone can gain from my horrible, horrible mistakes.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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