Two Things For Sunday


I went to go see the movie “Hamlet 2′ yesterday, and I gotta say I’m surprised. Every bit of promotional material that we’re fed shows that this is a silly, overly offensive movie. The surprising part is that this movie might be alittle silly, but it is unbelievably poignant.
This movie deals with (in different levels) censorship, literature, free choice, and the shiftiness of making a career in show business. It presents everything with a chuckle, and never takes it’s self too seriously but you will leave the theater generally happier for your decision.


Tonight at midnight is the end of voting for the Hot Blogger Calendar Contest, and I’d like to take this time to officially endorse Will Betheboy and The Slackmistress. If you haven’t voted yet I implore you to vote for them.
Although I’m backing down to Will, I refuse to give up the 5 votes I’ve acquired in hopes I can force my way into the into the Vice Hot Blogger office. Unfortunately, I’ve seen Joe Biden jockeying for the same position….That guy is everywhere!

Vote for Will Betheboy here. Vote for The Slackmistress here.


7 responses to “Two Things For Sunday

  1. how nice of you to pimp out your friends! and thanks for the reco re: hamlet2, been wondering which way it panned out.

  2. How about a cushy cabinet gig?

  3. @betheboy – You’ve got yourself a deal, sir.

  4. Caveman – As much as I love Will, my vote just went your way. Female-wise, I went with the slackmistress.

  5. You’re a good man, JT.

  6. I voted for you too VCM!

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